May 2024


Whatchamacallit 51: Maker’s Mark Whisky

Back in 2006 I took a memorable trip to Louisville, Kentucky, and New York City, New York – originally meant to be two trips, they became one. Although multiple things went wrong on that trip, I ended up having a good time.

One of the good times was a detour with a friend to […]

Photo Friday: Health

A “B” health rating, not the best choice in Louisville.

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To say that I have a negative balance between my credit card and my bank account is an understatement. Louisville was more expensive than anticipated, and New York City is just plain expensive.

So, I have put myself on a strict budget until I get reimbursed for my expenses, and I am not eating out—save […]

Louisville Summary

Laundry: The bellhops at the Brown Hotel were kind enough to take me to the nearby “VanJames Coin Laundry Dry Cleaning,” where for the price of cleaning three pair of underwear at the in house laundry, I was able to wash three loads of laundry.

There I became an insta-celebrity, as the manager/owner interviewed me […]

Muhammad Ali Center

Muhammad Ali Center

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Today I made time, after doing laundry, to visit the Center that honors Louisville’s most famous citizen, Muhammad Ali.

Before visiting the museum I knew two factoids about the man: (a) he was a boxer; and (b) he lit the Olympic Torch in Atlanta.

Seriously, that’s […]

Off… Not Off

The trip has been good—even though it was longer than planned.

Maker’s Mark was interesting, but see MT for full commentary.

I will probably not post again until Thursday. Maybe Wednesday.

I’m still in Louisville. Will blog about it in a bit.


I’ve known for a few years that Bass Ale is the only beer that causes me to have hangovers.

This morning I learned that something else also causes me to have hangovers. It was either the (a) Amber Ale I had with dinner at 6; (b) two Gin and Tonics I had around midnight; or […]

Brown Update

The Brown Hotel has moved me, as promised, to a much swankier room.

It is a very nice room—however, I was a bit disturbed: there is a Kentucky Derby themed throw on my bed and two robes in my closet—standard amenities for this floor. Each was accompanied by a card that announced it was “provided […]

Elizabethtown & Brown Hotel

Yesterday, while cruising along at 38,000 feet over the North Atlantic, I watched Elizabethtown, a slightly disjointed and odd movie featured on nwa’s AVOD this month.

I watched it because it was set in Louisville, Kentucky—and I was quite surprised when the main character checked into the Brown Hotel, for I too was headed to […]

Sundown in Weimar

Sundown in Weimar

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I’ve been cleaning and planning, and tomorrow evening is the birthday party

However, I’ve also been travel planning: Louisville is coming up soon, where I am going to meet with somebody regarding establishment of a new academic journal—they’re picking my brains for knowledge, and it should […]