May 2024


The Moment My Stomach Drops…


It was déjà vu: For a second time in my life, I heard the edge of a breaking news story and I instantly knew that the rest of the story was going to be painful.

This time it was that there had been another mass shooting, this time at a nightclub in Orlando. That […]

Seen Sunday, U-Eisenacherstrasse

I love this!

Love Actually

As you might remember, I was in the Christmas spirit on Halloween. Without many of the trappings, I was in the Christmas Spirit – it helped that I was eating Lindt Christmas Chocolate.

Yet, Friday evening, as I wandered the Jena Christmas Market, I found myself annoyed with Christmas. The multiple booths selling Christmas-themed shit […]

Last Time it was Bass Ale

So I woke up late this morning—with a hangover.

It’s the first real hangover I’ve had in years—the last time I can remember having one around 6 or 7 years ago, and it was after drinking Bass Ale – and it was a repeat offender, so I never drank it again.

I’m not sure what […]

Weimar in August

Weimar hasn’t really changed in my absence—really the only news of note, that I’ve identified, is that the city’s number one photographed monument in Theaterplatz, the statues of Goethe and Schiller, are being renovated and are under wraps.

It seems odd to me that the powers would chose to renovate the statues at the height […]

Fab Friday

Yeah, it’s Sunday and I am finally writing about Friday.

Friday, you see, was a really good day. I had things scheduled all day long and each one of the things was enjoyable.

It started at 10 with a haircut from my favorite stylist (globally speaking, not just locally). It’s always fun talking to the […]


Tonight (Friday night) I did something that I had only seen my friend Mateo do.

Big Prizes if you guess what.


So tonight I went to a birthday bbq for an American in Weimar.

I got there around six and thought I would stay until 9ish–but there was a cute guy, who stepped away for a couple hours to do guitar practice–and I opted to stay.

It’s 2 am, and I just got home.

I doubt […]


I cannot believe it.

I’m actually disappointed that the bartender hasn’t SMSed me.

I’m hot… again!

Today was a relatively dull day, but tonight, I went out. First I headed back to dè Kameleon, where Patrick gave me the traditional Dutch 3 kisses, and I had four beers. Just before midnight I headed down to the Gay Palace—a wise decision, because had I arrived just 5 minutes later, entry would have […]