May 2024


Lessons learned from my stack of magazines.

Honestly, I only subscribe to three magazines: The Economist, Rolling Stone, and Ex-Berliner.

The Economist is expensive and I get it delivered to my home in Berlin – it is the only appointment reading that I have every week. I read it from cover-to-cover in a specific order (cartoon, letters to the editor, then I […]

Economic Distress

It’s great to be in Bloomington.

I had lunch today with a couple friends at Wee Willies (as good as I remember), and then I struck out alone for dinner at Greek’s Pizza (I think its fall from grace is complete—the pizza is not as good as it used to be).

I also picked up […]

Ich lese Deutsch

I have to confess that my German skills have been sneaking up on me.

For awhile I’ve realized that I can figure out the proper German structure for relatively simple sentences, but when I try to speak, the vocabulary is missing. Obviously I need to somehow work on learning the vocabulary, but since my mind […]

Identical Covers?

I realize I might be the wrong person to ask, but is it just me or are the covers of TV Digital magazine essentially the same?

Birthday Girl Koko

So last night was Koko’s big birthday party with lots of friends, pizza, a big group game, and a trip to Uncle E’s.

The highlight of the night was during the reading of Bravo—Germany’s teen magazine full of lots of useful information for teens, including pictures of naked boys and girls. One of the guests […]

Read in Newsweek

While waiting around the Leipzig Airport, I read a copy of Newsweek—presumably an international edition, but I’m not really sure. I don’t actually read Newsweek that often because I think that it’s boring, poorly written and shallow. It turns out that not only that, presumably its readers are slightly stupid because they published the results […]

Random Deutsch Things

I forgot to explicitly say it, but last weekend, the men in Apolda were really cute—that is to say they had my number: lots of funky hair that attracts me. Why these men do not seem to show up in Weimar is beyond me.

Christmas shopping sucks: Disenchanted has complained about it before, so it […]

The Economist

A few weeks ago I realized that my subscription to The Economist was on the verge of running out, so I renewed, using the form they sent me in the mail.

It cost 132€, a fact I remembered and discussed with Jerry in (an abridged) chat on August 17th:

Adam: I dropped 132€ on another […]

Weather / Wetter

For about the past week, Weimar has been unseasonably cold.

Right now it’s 13° out, with “gefühlt” of 11°C, or 51.8°F. Admittedly it’s 8pm and one expects it to cool off in the evening, but today’s high was forecast to be 18/64, with scattered showers (and there have been). Unfortunately today’s pretty much the nicest […]


Since moving to Germany, I’ve come to the realization that my definition of civilized society has shifted slightly. I’ve hinted at it in the past when complaining about finding week old copies of the Economist at the newsstand as the “current” issue, but I’m now better able to define what I expect in a civilized […]