April 2024


Colorful Colorado

Returning to my home state as a kid, the sign at the border was a white on brown wooden sign that said, “Welcome to Colorful Colorado.”

Last night I had just such a welcome—unfortunately my plane window was too grimy and dirty to make it worthwhile. From my vantage point in seat 3D, I had […]

Acoustically Exhausting

I headed to College Mall today in order to buy some clothing that I wouldn’t be willing to buy used—the types of things I was buying were things I would have picked up at Macy’s, but due to Macy’s abysmal performance in New York City, my lifelong boycott of the chain prevented me from buying […]

Warm and Fuzzy

This was a weekend of Weihnachtsmärkte for me.

Saturday I got out of town and headed to Apolda, which is a small city located ten minutes east of Weimar on a regional train. I’d looked at a map of the city awhile back (read: 3 months), so I had a vague notion where the city […]

Weimar Atrium

Looking down… Originally uploaded by elmada.

Today is Black Friday, the day when stores in the States go from having lost money all year to turning a profit as the hordes of shoppers, fueled by Thanksgiving dinners, hit the stores at extremely early hours. I suppose the name comes from the fact that businesses […]

Self Censorship

So I’m in Evansville, Indiana, having stopped in Odon to eat at the Odon Essen Haus-excellent Amish lunch buffet for $5.50, drink included.

My friend’s new house is fantastic, although clearly it is still a work in progress-walls need painting, floors need redoing, and stuff needs to be moved. They have made fantastic progress though, […]