May 2024


Nicht nur für Royals – Auch für Sie | Wedding Fever!

Royal Wedding Fever is setting in…

All Against H8

The Washington Monument and Pride

For the past week, save one incident, I have had the most incredible luck imaginable.

Last Saturday I lucked into Berlin’s mp3 Experiment, Pittsburgh was a far more interesting city than I could have anticipated, and I was in Washington DC for today’s march against California proposition 8, coordinated […]

Join the Impact

Saturday, November 15, at 1:30p EST / 12:30p CST / 11:30a MST / 10:30a PST, you can Join The Impact, a national protest against California Prop 8 and other anti-gay marriage initiatives.

I’ll be joining the one in DC—but there are protests all across America. You can find a local protest by checking out the […]

Lessons Learned

I am in Germany, back from Beach City, Turkey, where it was boiling hot, until about four hours before I left. Doh!

Make no mistake: the wedding was fantastic. I have no complaints about the wedding. It was a beautiful affair with the mayor administering the rites quickly after the starters and before the main […]

26 May 1958

Fifty years ago today my parents got married in New York City.

Just thought I’d share.

Bells Are Ringing…

I realize that many of you are mystified by how I chose the places I go—like last year when I landed in South Africa and Swaziland—how’d that happen?! Or Armenia—which I selected for incredibly odd reasons.

Regardless of past reasons, this year I have a good reason for going to Ayvalik this summer.

For the […]

The Wedding

Saturday was wedding time: the German Bride and American Groom were getting hitched, all whilst “naturally” dressed. It was the fourth wedding of my life, following after SisterOne, me as Wyoming Goomsman, and a lovely wedding in Iowa City.

By any measure, I am a newbie when it comes to weddings.

The wedding was […]

Naturally Dressed

Given that the aformentioned wedding with a “naturally” dressed bride and groom was going to be held at a castle, the nature of the “naturally” dressed bride and groom should, in retrospect, have been obvious. More on the wedding later.

I’ve got a Bug

Well, a Volkswagon Convertible Bug, that is.

Because today’s wedding is in a public-transport inaccessible spot (particularly in the evenings), I’ve rented a car for the weekend. I was supposed to get a BMW 1er class car, but because the car I was assigned was not at the car rental agency, I got a VW […]

Wedding Season

I hadn’t realized it until this year, but August is wedding season.

By the end of this month, two of my hetero-friends will be formally hitched to the woman/man of his/her choice. I’ll be attending one of the two weddings—the one here in Germany, as opposed to the one in Denmark.

Strangely enough this will […]