June 2024


Indy Pride

After being uncertain about my willingness to attend Indy Pride, I threw all caution to the wind, and headed north with Mateo and Chaz to the Circle City and it’s 2007 Pride.

This is my second pride event in the United States; the first was Fort Wayne Pride a few years back and was down […]

Szoborpark and Árpád

Szakasits Árpád

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One of the places that was on my personal, and Mateo’s, priority list for Budapest was Szoborpark.

Szoborpark is one of those places that can only exist in former communist countries, for it is a collection of statues of communist heroes-both Hungarian and Soviet. There are about […]

Amsterdam, Again

I’ve been to Amsterdam too many times for me to be able to write about it from a naïve tourist’s point of view. Mateo and I had a few short hours to do the express tour of Amsterdam-which included a tour of the Anne Frank House-we were incredibly lucky, because there was no line when […]


It’s amazing how much I remember about Bratislava from my ~18 hour visit a few years back-and its amazing how much the city has progressed. I would say that the city looks remarkably better over the past several years. I cannot put my finger on any one thing to justify my opinion, it’s just a […]

gay Bratislava

The trouble, for me, started when I made the mistake of complementing a local’s cool hair style – and in fact, I did like his hair. However, I didn’t necessarily want to have sex with him.

Unfortunately he thought I did.

Monday night Mateo and I were enjoying the friendly underground confines of the Apollon […]

10.09.05: Hungary Thoughts

One of the more difficult things to capture in writing is the essence of a city and a place. It’s easy to itemize the places I’ve been (Over Chain Bridge, up funicular, all over Castle Hill, down and then up to Liberation Memorial, around citadel, Parliament), but difficult to tell you what makes Budapest different […]

Buda & Pest: Budapest

Written 9 September 2005

My trip has (mostly) improved since leaving Dublin-only two things have gone wrong, nothing worth mentioning, or at least not that I feel like rambling about right now.


Seriously, I’m having a grand time in Budapest. I arrived at 12:30 at Budapest Airport’s Terminal 1-which (re)opened at the beginning of […]