January 2023


Photo Friday: Sentimental

I find this incredibly sentimental, although I might be the only one.

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Iron Fist

With a name like “Operation Iron Fist” it’s sure to be a winner.

Support Our Troops

Why has “supporting our troops” been taken over by the Republicans?

I think if the United States learned anything from the Vietnam War, it’s that we can distinguish between the troops who are fighting in a war and the authority figures who are perpetrating the war.

During the First Gulf War there was wide spread […]


Friday I headed down to Nuremberg with Rui.

Nuremberg is one of those cities I’ve always associated with the end of World War II because of the trials held in the city.

Never having studies the rise of the Nazis that closely, I had not realized that Nuremberg had been especially selected for the trials […]


I observed a German soldier sitting in a seat marked “schwerbehinderte,” so I investigated.


One thousand members of the US military are dead and suddenly it is a milestone.

I picked up the International Herald Tribune at the train station this morning and read part of it while waiting for my train (it was 10 minutes late) and most of the rest on the train.

Above the fold there […]

When CQ met Adam…

Since Adam has been out for a couple days I thought I might take this opportunity to bore everyone and write another guest blog to fill the gap. You have all been briefly introduced to me, but it occurred to me that you may not know how I came to know Adam.

I seem to […]

Special Forces

I was watching the Discovery Times channel today and saw an ad for the Army Special Forces division.

I find the ad annoying.

The basic premise of the ad is that there’s a challenge out there – you are conducing surveillance of the nation’s enemy-deep inside their territory. The visuals at this point are in […]

Gays in the Military

I’ve been rereading José Zuniga’s book Soldier of the Year (?1994). It’s kind of strange as its taking me back to the early years of the Clinton administration. I still remember the early months of Clinton’s first term quite clearly-in part because I was taking a class on political campaigning at the University of Wyoming […]