June 2024


Celebrity Encounter!

Bonus points if you can quickly identify the man in the photo with me.

Too Easy!

I guess it was way too easy… I am under that Superman!

Artistic Name

Happy Fourth

It is a happy accident that I landed in Bloomington, Indiana, the day before the Fourth of July.

I woke early this morning—5am—made some phone calls, ate breakfast at the Bloomington Waffle House (They have had the same morning wait staff for at least the last 10 years), and then wandered around downtown.

Downtown was […]

26° in İstanbul

According to Google’s weather service, it’s only 26° (79F), but it feels a whole hell of a lot warmer to me.

I spent today wandering aimlessly around the city, crossing to Asia, coming back to Europe, and looking at whatever was around me.

There was a lot to digest. It’s not a completely foreign culture […]

Guess Where

Earlier this week I stumbled upon the “GuessTheSpot.com” game—in which overhead views of places around the world are shown and one is supposed to guess which spot is pictured.

It could have been more difficult, but the multiple choices offered were ridiculous—making process of elimination so much easier than it ought to have been. I […]

Monday with Chicago Anke

Chicago Anke arrived in Indianapolis today, and we had a series of cool adventures in Indy and Bloomington. Here are a couple of photos.

Fab Friday

Yeah, it’s Sunday and I am finally writing about Friday.

Friday, you see, was a really good day. I had things scheduled all day long and each one of the things was enjoyable.

It started at 10 with a haircut from my favorite stylist (globally speaking, not just locally). It’s always fun talking to the […]


Diner Dining

One of the best things about the States are the local restaurants where the waitresses call you “honey” or “sugar” and know what you want to eat before you even open your mouth—plus, if you’re a coffee drinker, keep your cup filled up to the brim (no such thing as a free refill in Europe) […]