April 2024


Whatchamacallit 113: Bluetooth Headphones

So, I bought this particular pair of Bluetooth headphones awhile back – sometime last summer. I have no idea how much I paid for them. However, I paid 15.99€ each for two backup sets at the outbreak of the Covid-19 Crisis because I was worried that if this pair broke (and they will, one […]

A Handy Parade: Mobile’s New Year’s Eve Parade

View from my balcony.

While there were other options in Mobile, I wanted a downtown hotel – and landed at the Hampton Inn & Suites – a wee-bit expensive for what it was, but it was directly on the parade route, and it came with balconies directly overlooking the street.

It turns out I […]

Handy Food – My eating in Mobile, Alabama

One of the things I was looking forward to the most about my trip to Mobile was the food – while Berlin has an eclectic and outstanding set of restaurants, there are no good seafood restaurants that are reasonably priced in Berlin – and there were exactly two restaurants and one coffee shop on my […]

Handy Mobile—the museums I liked.

Dauphin Street, Mobile’s Downtown Street.

Last summer, The Traveling PhD, her husband, and I were debating where we would meet for New Year’s Eve – Given the constraint set, essentially our debate was between New Orleans and Mobile.

Mobile won.

Before this trip, my experience with Mobile was about 15 minutes during spring break […]

Mooned in Mobile; Happy 2013!

Same procedure as last year?

New Year’s Eve Tradition in Mobile, Alabama…

And, in keeping with the procedure from last year, Germany…

If you want to watch this on television, instead of on YouTube, and you’re in Germany, good news: you cannot miss it:


En Route to Handy, Alabama

I saw this plane at Tegel Airport: If I owned airBerlin, I would make sure that anytime Klaus Wowereit were flying on my airline he’d be flying on this very airplane.

Somewhere between Newark and Houston I snapped this picture of America.

On Christmas Day in Mobile a tornado ran through town. […]

New Handy!

I decided to stay in Weimar today instead of heading to the office.

Instead I headed to the Weimar Office where I got in a solid 90 minutes of work before WeimarColleague showed up—he’d graciously (and wonderfully) agreed to help me select and purchase a new Handy—my mobile phone is over 3 years old and […]

Two Bad Questions

Do you want to know how to annoy me to no end?

It’s easy: Call me and after I say “Hello” ask me either one of two questions: “What are you doing?” or “Where are you?”

It happened to me in the States—somebody would call me at home, on Saturday night, at 10pm and ask […]

Bear-ly Mobile

Lunch today could have been a scene from Bear Cub, a rapid-fire Spanish flick about a bear and his bear-friends. The Chief Bear was left his nephew to raise when the nephew’s Mother did something really stupid in a foreign country.

Great film, but back to lunch.

It could have been a scene from Bear […]