May 2024


Whatchamacallit 79: Latter Days

Latter Days is a film and – as above – a novelization of a film.

As a book, it is meh – it covers the story of the film, but this is a case where the film is absolutely outstanding. As a film, it grows better and better with time – at least for […]

Berlin takes a starring film role, this year in Victoria

Late last week one of my friends told me about a recently released film that features Berlin: Victoria.

So I saw it Sunday evening – and while there are a number of impressive things about (like the fact that it was shot in exactly one take with one cameraman), ultimately I hate Victoria.

No, […]

Movies I have seen…

Since November I’ve been to the movies four times – something close to a record for me. Normally I would tell you about the movies immediately, but I’ve been lazy, so you’re getting four updates for the price of one. This will save you from having to read my complaints about movie theaters (too many […]

Inside on a sunny Saturday afternoon, watching Queer Chinese Films

This afternoon I could have been outside enjoying, what is turning out to be, a spectacular spring, but I didn’t.

Instead I was inside watching two queer, documentary, Chinese films, New Beijing New Marriage and Our Story – 10 years “guerrilla warfare” of the Beijing Queer Film Festival, plus a preview of Mama Rainbow. Joining […]

It is not yet the end – go see Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

It’s in Berlin and I went to see it today – well worth it! It opens in the US on May 4th.