March 2023


My Photos As Art

I got in the mail a pretty awesome “Gutschein” for PosterXXL.de.

This leads to me to ask two pertinent questions.

First, do any of my German readers have experience with PosterXXL.de? Is the service good? The output worth the price?

No, I would not put this on my wall.

Second, and for all my […]

Sorry about turning into a blog about moving…

Really, I hope to return to blogging about more interesting things than moving in the near future. However, for the moment, it’s kind of what I’m stuck on.

I wasn’t being productive enough at the office today so I decided to strike out a bit early and head home to take care of some chores, […]

I know you want to see pictures of my apartment, but…

I’m happy to report that I had a really successful Saturday with the Handyman.

And I know you want to see pictures of my apartment but it is still a bit of a pigsty and I’m not willing to show it to you yet. Before I show it to you I want to remove all […]

I’m less stressed now.

Some how I am going to survive August – and thanks to a bit of random luck, I’m even going to get bookcases this month!

Over lunch today I sat down with my Ikea shopping list and priced out the items from my “need” list—the light for my dining table and bedside lamp, along with […]

Current Light Fixtures


3 meters above my head.


The hallway is quite dark at night.

Living room

Too bad I don't want the light hanging below this point.

Pictures of the apartment will come along in a week or so, once I have washed and put away all my dishes, removed empty boxes […]

I’m flat out broke for the month, already.

I realize it’s only August 9th, but I’m already out of money for the month because I’ve moved.

Because I had to move twice (first into a temporary apartment and then into my real apartment) I ended up spending a lot more than I previously allotted for moving—neither move, individually was expensive: Think fifth floor […]

Moving On: An Update On What I Want.

I have to say that my decision to not take any of the apartments that I saw in June was a good one: In retrospect the area I was targeting was gay, but not diverse. It wasn’t until I settled into Kreuzberg that I realized that there were better parts of Berlin—places where there were […]

Progress is my middle name.

I have news, of sorts, concerning my apartment search.

I’m going to move soon. I haven’t seen the contract yet and I haven’t paid my deposit yet, but in theory, on Thursday, I will take possession of an apartment here in Berlin.

As I doesn’t want to reveal my specific living location (unless there are […]

Oh how I miss Weimar: I lived on Abraham-Lincoln-Straße!

It’s been just over a week since I left Weimar for the last time as a resident. I’m now registered in Berlin (although I have some more paperwork to complete) and have no immediate plans to return to the city of Goethe and Schiller.

I don’t think I am revealing any shocking secrets here, but […]

Seven and a half hours later…

I left home this morning at 6:30—actually a few minutes before that—and did not return home until just after two.

Along the way I discovered that something I did in one stop in Weimar is done in two stops in Berlin, and must be done in a specific order. It should be obvious by now […]