June 2024


I’m a Mile High… and feeling it.

Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Visiting Denver is a challenge – it’s 5,280 feet above elevation – 1600 meters for those in metric.

I spent much of my first day in downtown Denver, which rests just below this elevation, visiting with a friend. It took only 4 hours before I was winded – breathing heavily, feeling […]

The Daily Coyote & Ten Sleep – Wyoming Thoughts

It’s been awhile since I’ve rumbled a bit about Wyoming, and it’s now time.

Mainly because whilst in Denver I stopped by the Tattered Cover, looked through the bargain books, and for $6 picked up a copy of The Daily Coyote: A Story of Love, Survival, and Trust in the Wilds of Wyoming.

The book […]

Drive Through Tourism: Yellowstone and Grand Teton

I was there.

It dawned on me Tuesday morning, as I pulled out of the Irma Hotel parking lot, that I hadn’t seen Cody’s surroundings before. Tuesday morning, the skies were clear, the sun was bright, and I realized that Cody has stunning surroundings.

Unfortunately I’d made a schedule and I wanted to keep […]

Photo Uploading

I have a lot of photos that I haven’t gotten around to uploading as promptly as I should have. Today I managed to upload a few and I thought I would share three of my favorite shots out of the bunch. You can, of course, see all of my photos on my Flickr stream.

Macro Mode Play

Polination, in action.

I’ve been inspired by Prashanth (Flickr) to go out and play with the macro mode on my camera—and last week while hiking along an old rail-bed, I paused to reflect and to take the above photo. It’s even better in “large” format—although “original” is also an option.


20 Years On

If I had to guess, the buildings below were occupied and in decent shape 20 years ago, but post-wall neglect has resulted in a natural take over.

Abandoned Gated Street

See the guard house on the right!

The negelcted guardhouse

Tree growing from the top floor window..

The Wedding

Saturday was wedding time: the German Bride and American Groom were getting hitched, all whilst “naturally” dressed. It was the fourth wedding of my life, following after SisterOne, me as Wyoming Goomsman, and a lovely wedding in Iowa City.

By any measure, I am a newbie when it comes to weddings.

The wedding was […]

Lieber Kelbra,

I passed through your Kleine Dorf on Sunday. I hope never to do so again.

You see, I was returning home from a fine day: I’d traveled from my home in Weimar up to Drei-Annen-Hohne. Once there, traveling via Erfurt and Nordhausen, I had a splendid day. I caught the Brockenbahn up to the top […]

Mammoth Caves National Park

Today I added to my UNESCO World Heritage List with my visit to the Mammoth Caves National Park in Kentucky.

The last UNESCO World Heritage site I visited was just a couple weeks ago when I was at home in Weimar; the site previous to that which would actually count, as a tourist, was the […]

Straddling Oceans

Tomorrow morning CQ and I will leave Cape Town; fly to Johannesburg in order to drive into Swaziland for two nights in a grass hut.

I will probably not post again until either Sunday evening or Monday night.

In the meantime I thought I would share a few thoughts about our trip so far.

Monday […]