July 2024


A Handy Parade: Mobile’s New Year’s Eve Parade

View from my balcony.

While there were other options in Mobile, I wanted a downtown hotel – and landed at the Hampton Inn & Suites – a wee-bit expensive for what it was, but it was directly on the parade route, and it came with balconies directly overlooking the street.

It turns out I […]

Mooned in Mobile; Happy 2013!

Same procedure as last year?

New Year’s Eve Tradition in Mobile, Alabama…

And, in keeping with the procedure from last year, Germany…

If you want to watch this on television, instead of on YouTube, and you’re in Germany, good news: you cannot miss it:


Warning from my gym’s dominatrix!

Yes, I will realize my good New Year’s resolutions.

Or, and this is my interpretation, the dominatrix will use her whip on me.

I misunderstood Supreme Master Ching Hai

It came about because of a mistake on my part: I forgot to pack a second book to keep me entertained while in Usedom. Consequently, I turned on the television, found Supreme Master Television. It was only then that I misunderstood Supreme Master Ching Hai, and was chewed out by PseduoWife’s RealHusband.

“That’s not what […]

Happy Blasted New Year!

So I’m back from my trip to the coast for New Year’s Eve.

We (my guests and I) headed to Usedom, an island that is at the north-east corner of Germany, with the eastern bit of the island in Poland. I’d picked the place because there was a technical museum that looks at the history […]

My feet are up, and I wish you einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr!

It’s almost 9 pm and I think I am done with everything I needed to do today: work, two loads of laundry (one air drying, one machine dried), 71 minutes of spinning at the gym (gotta work off the Christmas chocolate that I bought at the supermarket, 50% off the original price), grocery shopping, and, […]

Silvester in Deutschland: Krieg-zone.

das Original

Den einzigen Tag in die ganzen Jahr wann die Deutschen Leute kann Feuerwerk nutzen ist Silvester.

Silvester ist den 31. Dezember, und, auf Englisch, ist „New Year’s Eve“.

Über die Woche zwischen Weihnacht und das Neujahr in vielen Laden kann man Feuerwerk kaufen. Von den klein Laden […]

The Same Procedure As Every Year.

Sorry, it’s New Year’s Eve. I’m living in Germany. This. Must. Be. Watched.

As well as a remake for children:

How about a live one, on stage:

Plus the ultimate Lego […]

It is hereby resolved that…

Ah, it’s the end of the year – time for housekeeping, of sorts.

Maybe a resolution, or two.

I guess there are two resolutions that I’m making for 2011.

First, I will continue to go to the gym, every other day, when practically possible.

Although I’ve been planning on starting the gym […]