June 2024


On my media choices: putting my money into quality journalism

I’ll admit it: I am a huge freeloader when it comes to news on the Internet: if it’s free, I’ll read it. If it’s not free… well, then it depends.

I’ve had a long-standing list of media that I would be happy to pay for: The Economist, The New York Times, and The Guardian.

And […]

NYT headlines from February 6, 1974

So, following on The New York Times from February 5, 1974, I thought I would share the February 6th cover.

Interestingly, The New York Times failed to cover the most important event to happen on the day before. Shame on the Times.

All grey — color news photography was, of course, in the […]

News from 40 Years Ago, Today — As seen in tomorrow’s New York Times

Cover of The New York Times, February 5, 1974. Late City Edition. 15 Cents.

So, forty years ago tomorrow, the headlines covering today’s news focus on gas rationing in New Jersey, President Nixon offering a budget, and China renewing its Cultural Revolution. Miners in Britain also voted overwhelmingly (81%!) to strike.

There’s also […]

He wears 98: Jason Collins and why Matthew Shepard still matters.

Yesterday evening, while I was busy working on a project, two friends let me know that an NBA player had come out as gay.

Jason Collins, a 34-year-old, free agent, basketball player took the leap out of the closet in the pages of Sports Illustrated.

It’s cool and I would have let it float past […]

Ney! You don’t say!

These are good times to be a vegetarian in Europe.

Not that I am one, but like most people living in Europe, I’ve been eyeing the ground “beef” with a great deal of suspicion of late.

Mainly because it’s not necessarily beef.

Amazingly, some products claiming to have ground beef actually contain 100% pure ground […]

On (1) why Eurovision matters, and (2) why it had to be in Azerbaijan this year.

I neither got around to reviewing the second Eurovision semi-finals, nor to discussing the Eurovision Finals – badAdam.

I have a good excuse: I was exhausted and any free time I had this weekend, I was asleep. Friday’s super early alarm (4:30, after 5 hours of sleep) in combination with a late evening (home past […]

What’s worse: Allowing Neo-Nazis to murder 10 people or Joe Paterno letting a coach rape kids?

Honestly, I cannot answer my own question, but it is something that I’ve been pondering of late.

The details of both are disturbing – and I’ve been inundated with details about one from the German half of my life and details about the other from the American half of my life.

The Neo-Nazi story actually […]

There’s a girl missing from Bloomington…

Anybody in Bloomington for more than about 5 or 10 minutes will immediately figure out that somebody named Lauren is missing, thanks to the posting of 10,000 fliers on everything from empty store fronts, random lamp posts, and everything else you could imagine.

She’s been missing since June 3, 2011, and her family is seeking […]

Notes on Pond-Hopping and Subsequent Events

Yesterday’s post was written from the comfort of my own apartment in Berlin. This post is written, at least right now, at 36,000 feet, somewhere south of Reykjavik, Iceland. Funny enough I know somebody who is vacationing there, at least as I write this.

Checking in 24 hours in advance of the flight was well […]

Journalists, Journalism, and Ethics

A long, long time ago, I aspired to become a journalist – I worked on the student newspaper at the University of Wyoming, The Branding Iron, and I harbored dreams of becoming a well known and well respected journalist in Wyoming.

Something funny happened on the way to fulfilling that dream and I ended up […]