May 2024


On my media choices: putting my money into quality journalism

I’ll admit it: I am a huge freeloader when it comes to news on the Internet: if it’s free, I’ll read it. If it’s not free… well, then it depends.

I’ve had a long-standing list of media that I would be happy to pay for: The Economist, The New York Times, and The Guardian.

And […]

NYT headlines from February 6, 1974

So, following on The New York Times from February 5, 1974, I thought I would share the February 6th cover.

Interestingly, The New York Times failed to cover the most important event to happen on the day before. Shame on the Times.

All grey — color news photography was, of course, in the […]

News from 40 Years Ago, Today — As seen in tomorrow’s New York Times

Cover of The New York Times, February 5, 1974. Late City Edition. 15 Cents.

So, forty years ago tomorrow, the headlines covering today’s news focus on gas rationing in New Jersey, President Nixon offering a budget, and China renewing its Cultural Revolution. Miners in Britain also voted overwhelmingly (81%!) to strike.

There’s also […]

Journalists, Journalism, and Ethics

A long, long time ago, I aspired to become a journalist – I worked on the student newspaper at the University of Wyoming, The Branding Iron, and I harbored dreams of becoming a well known and well respected journalist in Wyoming.

Something funny happened on the way to fulfilling that dream and I ended up […]

die Tageszeitung für Ostern

News in Germany

Germany & Obama

The best German newspaper!

Judging by the cover of yesterday’s Bild, one would think that Germany is ready for Michelle Obama to be first lady.

It’s not difficult German, but for those of you unable to translate “So sexy ist die neue First Lady”, let me provide a quick and dirty translation: “How sexy […]

Grey Ladies, Sinking

Until I moved to Germany, one of the daily constants in my life was a newspaper.

Growing up in Denver, my family got the Rocky Mountain News and The New York Times, every day.

Some of my earliest childhood memories involve reading the Sunday comics in my parent’s bed. In elementary school, I would read […]

City Dynamics

I often wonder what makes one particular city more livable than another—and what makes a city world class.

For a long time, I’ve kept a short list of five six US cities that I felt were as good as London, Prague, Budapest, and Madrid:

New York City San Francisco Chicago Boston Miami New Orleans (Reflecting […]


Since moving to Germany, I’ve come to the realization that my definition of civilized society has shifted slightly. I’ve hinted at it in the past when complaining about finding week old copies of the Economist at the newsstand as the “current” issue, but I’m now better able to define what I expect in a civilized […]


Bloomington is a really great city. Perhaps its greatest strength is the variety of restaurants.

While here, I’ve been busy revisiting old favorites: Greek’s Pizza for its outstanding “House Gourmet” pizza (and cute owner); Wee Willie’s for its fabulous French Toast; Ladyman’s for its easy going atmosphere; soma for its fruit smoothies; and one of […]