June 2024


Whatchamacallit 98: Shade

I miss when America was great.

During the Covid-19 crisis, I am going to try and make a point of writing a blog post about an object in my home.

We’ll see how long this lasts.

Whatchamacallit 34: Obama 2012 Button

This button, which is attached to the bulletin board that hangs in the hallway to my kitchen, is a reminder of a better – no – great America: an America that could see a better future for everybody.

I really do not want to harp on how bad Donald Trump has been, is, or […]

What a sense of relief that Obama was reelected…

Thanks to a vacation policy that I don’t quite understand, back at the end of September I was granted an extra day off this year, which I immediately applied toward taking today off.

As the election progressed, I came to realize that I would either be very happy or very depressed today, and in either […]

I don’t get it.

After six years of living abroad, I seem to be out of touch with America.

I can’t figure out what Obama’s done wrong. As far as I can tell he’s expanded health care, prevented the economy from completely tanking, and started the process of unwinding all the bad things that were caused by George W. […]

Surprisingly Good Eats in Indianapolis!

This trip I spent a couple nights in Indy attempting to adjust to local time while visiting Koko and Boy. Food-wise, there wasn’t a single restaurant in the city that I really wanted to return to immediately as all my old favorites have either slowly decayed or closed.

I’m happy to report that this time […]

Obama visiting Buchenwald

USA's 747-200

Unfortunately the earlier hopes that Obama would visit Weimar after honoring the victims of Buchenwald were dashed. This means that I didn’t get to meet or see the president, although I did get to see the president’s 747 out my bedroom window.

(Boy am I being myopic!)

Anyhow, after the president toured […]

Edible Obama Memories

Chocolate-Banana Cake

Looks better than it tastes


Eat an Amerikaner Cookie with Obama!

It’s still not clear whether or not President Obama will be visiting Weimar or not. I’m not privy to any insider information, but it’s my impression that the president will visit Buchenwald and then leave the area–which would be a shame. Not only would I not be able […]

Gay For Obama

Ok, I buried it in the previous post, but I’m reading a variety of blogs and legitimate news sources that keep telling me that Obama is a bad president—with some going so far as to say,

I decided today that I’m officially anti-Obama. (Ragan Fox, Poet)

I’m tired of this anti-Obama rhetoric based solely on […]


I’ve been contemplating history of late.

There’s been so much interaction with history in my life, of late, that I could spew out on the subject for hours, uninterrupted. Naturally I would probably be repetitive, but there are a lot of cross-thematic links that have been mentally cropping up of late.

Buchenwald and Heart Mountain […]