June 2024


Whatchamacallit 42: Costa de Caparica Bottle Opener

The best bottle opener on the planet.

I believe it was back in early September 2012 — when I celebrated being half of my Mother’s age — that I acquired the above bottle opener.

At that point I spent a week on the beaches south of Lisbon doing exactly nothing.

Honestly, lying on […]

Sunday Morning at La Jolla Shores


Individually OK, Collectively…

I had what I can only describe as a really great Saturday.

Individually all three components of my Saturday were great and fun, but collectively, I’m going to bed a lot earlier than I expected (3 am). Oddly though, my early (relatively speaking) bedtime can only help me on Sunday.

This morning I caught the […]


The Good Life

When I was a kid, many summers I went with my father from Denver, across the country to New York

These trips were by car: Up Interstate 76 to Nebraska, where we joined I-80 going east through Lincoln, Omaha, Des Moines, the southern edge of Chicago, across northern Indiana and Ohio until Cleveland where we […]

Straddling Oceans

Tomorrow morning CQ and I will leave Cape Town; fly to Johannesburg in order to drive into Swaziland for two nights in a grass hut.

I will probably not post again until either Sunday evening or Monday night.

In the meantime I thought I would share a few thoughts about our trip so far.

Monday […]

Monday, x7

Seven photos from Monday. Massive uploads must wait until I return to Germany, but expect a few on Flickr now and then…


Bag Check

Monday, when I wing my way back to Leipzig, I will have to check my bag.

I have no option because I spent 9,80€ on the bottle of Disoderme Gel, as seen to the right. It’s 150ml and for me, at least for now, it is essential.

I overexposed myself.

And I mean that in […]

So… Busted!

Yesterday’s tour of Portugal was not without its amusing aspects. I was taken around by J and M, who have a 2 year old daughter, R. The most amazing aspect of their daughter is that they are raising her to speak Portuguese (her mother’s native tongue), Swiss-German (her father’s native tongue), and English. Apparently the […]

Wednesday in Portugal

The weather turned out to be far nicer than forecasted: sunny, warm, and perfect. What follows is a photo essay of my day, in five pictures.

Never turn your back on the water, even when posing for a photo. I had a wet posterior for hours.

I think this is body surfing? Looks […]