April 2024


You really can be in four places at once: Four Corners Monument

The Four Corners — right at the center.

Today’s adventure took us (on this segment of the trip, I’ve been joined by Cynical Queer, but I was navel gazing when talking about the railroad, so he wasn’t introduced then) to the Four Corners Monument, which is nicely located at the corners of four states: […]

Summer February Day

Today was incredibly nice, especially for February.

Wish you were here!



From a CNN Article:

The masseuse who discovered Ledger’s body at the apartment at 421 Broome St. in SoHo called actress Mary-Kate Olsen, a friend of Ledger’s, twice before calling 911, a police source with knowledge of the investigation said.

Guys, should any of you ever find my body, please do me a huge favor […]

Cleansing Pow(d)er?

I am doing laundry: gone for two weeks and I have a lot of laundry (even though I was able to do laundry mid-trip).

However, I have a minor question. Whilst in Portland I picked up a new jacket for the fall and winter. It’s a fancy Columbia one, straight from their flagship store: Ice […]

Photo Friday: Oddity

Public access typewriters are now an oddity.

Photo Friday Entry (#82) | elmada.com Home

Lunchtime Viewing

As seen during lunch today:

Sale Saturday

Yesterday in statuephilia I used a photo showing that a huge sale was going on at the store—for yes, it is sale season in Germany!

And there are some darned good sales going on—too bad I’m broke. At least when I am out shopping I don’t really feel too bad about not being able to […]

Self Censorship

So I’m in Evansville, Indiana, having stopped in Odon to eat at the Odon Essen Haus-excellent Amish lunch buffet for $5.50, drink included.

My friend’s new house is fantastic, although clearly it is still a work in progress-walls need painting, floors need redoing, and stuff needs to be moved. They have made fantastic progress though, […]