February 2024


A Mismash of Many Things!

I’ve had a pretty busy week – Actually it’s been a fantastic week.

I can only think of two “negative” things: First, I banged my leg into a table Tuesday evening –pretty hard—it took me 2 minutes of cursing before I could move again—and it hurt enough to noticeably bother me through Friday. It’s still […]

It’s lonely at the office this week.

While I could have taken vacation days and had this week off, I made a strategic decision to save my vacation days for 2011 when there’s better weather and my urge to escape the office reaches a feverish peak.

Nearly everybody else, though, had the opposite idea and the office is essentially empty.

Today I […]

Welcome Back… I’ve got a question for you…

Today was the first day back at the office for a number of colleagues who had resisted the lure of the office (unlike me), and so when I popped into an office where several of my colleagues were talking, I was greeted with an unusual question.

“Adam, are you sick…”

If the question […]

Real v. Weimar Office

The problem with my real office is that there are at least two distractions that prevent me from getting work done: the Internet and my colleagues.

Unlike, say, the Weimar Office, where there is no WLAN (so I cannot surf) and there is a friendly staff of baristas who bring me excellent coffee and nice […]

Spring Cleaning

I have been in cleaning mood this week—sometimes my cleaning productivity hurts my work productivity, but all in all, it’s probably a good thing.

When I got to my office yesterday, I realized that I couldn’t find anything on my desk—and that, in fact, a lot of the stuff on my desk was somewhat vintage […]

Christmas Presence

I just got home from the office Christmas party, and I am pleased to report that my Secret Santa got me a really cool Cinnamon scented candle—I’m looking forward to lighting it, just not tonight.

A lot of people got some neat gifts, but there was one present that could be read as either sincere […]

Ho Ho Ho

Tonight was the office Christmas party- lots of fun and I got the most excellent present from my Secret Santa. It’s a buff St. Nicholas in Chocolate, complete with a built chest.


Cute Birds and Waiters

Today’s been a whirlwind of activity.

Well, not really-my afternoon was punctuated by a cute bird (a Grünspecht) flying into my window and then falling onto the ground looking like it was dead. I kind of panicked and went screaming off for help from the secretaries.

Call me a girl.

K picked up the phone […]