May 2024


Meet Fred Meyer

One of my family’s stories involves a very young Adam – but considering that I do not remember the story, I would presume it happened in the 1970s, roughly speaking.

We’d taken a family trip to Oregon – which is where my maternal grandmother lived. My maternal grandfather died before I was born.

I have […]

Denver is getting it right, but Portland is already there.

There’s a park in this photo.

Written Saturday afternoon, posted today — because I was having too much fun!

As I observed after my time in Denver, I feel that Denver is getting it right. Public Transport is going to have a strong hub in the form of Union Station and a part of […]

48 Contiguous States, 48 not so contiguous memories: The northwest

In a couple of weeks I shall have crossed the Contiguous United States line—having visited all 48 of the contiguous states, leaving only Alaska and Hawaii to be visited sometime down the road.

I thought that I would share my memories of the states – at first I thought about doing it in alphabetical order, […]

English Mistake

The problem with short trips is that you never have enough time to see or do everything you want to do. My stay in Portland was marred by this problem, plus the fact that I need to be functional Thursday in Brussels. So Monday afternoon, after my meetings were finished, I returned to my hotel, […]

Hipster Hip

This isn’t my first visit to Portland, but it’s the first time I’ve been here and been in the right part of town.

As you may (or may not) recall, I’m staying at the Ace Hotel in Portland, which, in addition to having “European Style” rooms, is exactly one block south of the world famous […]

Four Fotos for Sunday

In the morning I passed the VooDoo Doughtnut Shop; I returned after dinner for dessert.

After 12, I ordered a Soy Decaf Latte from Stumptown Coffee Roasters.

Portland memorializes the greatest injustice of WWII within America.

After one restaurant’s waitress didn’t want me sitting where I wanted to sit, I ended […]

Moving On…

I have some closing thoughts on Hoosierland, but for now, here is my next stop.