July 2024


A Pervert’s Guide to the Miniatur Wunderland

Temporary Invalid once appeared in photos like this.

This past weekend I headed up to Hamburg in order to visit my favorite Temporary Invalid – ideal timing because he was mobile enough to get around, but not mobile enough to escape me.

Given that I’d never actually been to Hamburg’s biggest small attraction, the […]

Queen Califia’s Magical Circle Garden

Saturday afternoon, after I left the warm embrace of Filter, I headed north to visit my ex-expat friends who used to live in Berlin.

As a guest I try to be easy going and non-demanding, going along with whatever my hosts suggest, and so I found myself at Queen Califia’s Magical Circle Garden, an absolutely […]

Five on the Fifth: Fun and Games

It’s January and it’s the fifth, which means I’m participating in Five on the Fifth. This time the theme is “fun and games.”

There are a lot of ways to take on the idea of “fun and games”, and I think that my five are split between Berlin and my apartment. First up is Berlin: […]

A Little Slow

Sometimes I am a bit slow taking photos off of my camera, but I finally got around to it today, and I uploaded the gem below–it’s from January 6th, shortly after the snow started falling.

There was a lot of snow!

It’s melting now, but before it all melts, we still need a few […]

Perfect Sunday

Sledding in the park

Originally uploaded by elmada.

Today’s been a really good Sunday.

I have no idea why I feel that way: certainly the weather has not been great the last few days. Friday the streets were clear and the weather decent, but Friday night it turned nasty, and when I woke […]