June 2024


A Handy Parade: Mobile’s New Year’s Eve Parade

View from my balcony.

While there were other options in Mobile, I wanted a downtown hotel – and landed at the Hampton Inn & Suites – a wee-bit expensive for what it was, but it was directly on the parade route, and it came with balconies directly overlooking the street.

It turns out I […]

CSD and tCSD Berlin, 2012

Plug Yourself In.

Saturday I headed out to watch the two Christopher Street Day parades that happen in Berlin every year – the “normal” one and the “alternative” one.

Wanting to hit up both parades meant that I had to choose strategically and that I never made it to the end party for the […]

CSD 2011, Berlin, as seen from the Official Lady Gaga Truck

I won’t try to justify it – but instead of watching this year’s Christopher Street Days Parade (the mainstream one) go through Berlin, I bought a ticket and jumped onboard the Official Lady Gaga Truck.

The weather was optimal – it never rained, but it never got excessively hot, so there wasn’t a problem with […]

UW Homecoming: Fair Weather Fan

I need to clean it off.

Back at IU I had a friend who proudly told me that he was one of those terrible “fair weather fans.” He paused for a beat and then informed me that when the weather was fair, he would go.

Today it’s cold and snowy in Laramie. My car […]

CSD Thüringen 2007

Today I went with a friend to CSD-Thüringen in Erfurt.

It was a gay day, overall, and not just because of Christopher Street Days (Gay Pride in America). Although we did not complete the entire march, we did go from the Erfurt Hauptbahnhof to the Erfurt Rathaus before both of us got bored and decided […]

The Parade

It’s an interesting question to ask: What can you say about a country after watching it celebrate its Independence Day ?

My comparison is not perfect for I can only compare the Independence Day parade of Bloomington, Indiana, USA to the one I watched in Yerevan today. Germany lacks an Independence Day that it celebrates […]

Independence Day!

Today is Independence Day in Armenia!

I’m going off to the parade, which is at 10 in Republic Square. It should be massive fun. After that I am not sure what my plans are, probably to visit museums in the city center.

Yesterday I mailed 30 postcards (9,000 dram) to points in Europe and North […]