June 2024


Photo Update

When I work at the Weimar Office, I usually last about three to four hours before I need to get up and go. Today I lasted only 2.5 hours because I was examining page proofs. The page proofs are in really good shape and I am pleased with the quality, but it’s a very intense […]

Feeling Slightly Demented

Whenever I’m in Britain, I always feel like something slightly off.

I spent last night at the Holiday Inn Bristol Filton, a hotel located somewhere in the middle of nowhere in the vicinity of Bristol.

It’s the kind of hotel with a “pillow menu”.

That didn’t stop them from being British, […]


Reading British websites always amuses me because their culture must be more paranoid than American culture. Take this disclaimer from the Café Rouge website:

All of our dishes are prepared in kitchen where nuts, flour etc are commonly used so unfortunately we cannot guarantee our dishes will be free of traces of these products. Olives […]

Democrats Abroad, Germany: Annoying Freaks

Anybody who knows me knows that I have practically no patience for stupidity.

This brings me to the subject of the US State Department and the German chapter of the Democrats Abroad. Both have elements of stupidity—the former amusingly so, the later annoyingly so.

It all started innocently enough when I checked one of my […]

Paranoia Alert!

From the Inbox! Not only is the Bush Administration’s State Department running scared, but they’ve managed to convince the Democrats Abroad in Berlin to forward the Berlin Consulate’s Scare-Mail to everybody on their email list! I’m glad that I have not personally subscribed to the Berlin Consulate Paranoia Email List. However, if you visit the […]

Avoid Ft. Myers

School officials in Ft. Myers, Florida, USA, have decided to keep their kids safe by not allowing them to travel to London to participate in the 2007 New Year’s Day Parade.

It seems that the local school officials are a bit worried about Terrorism, not remembering that their own city isn’t that safe.

More: CNN […]

Domestic Propaganda

Recently I was hanging out with somebody who is a World Wrestling Entertainment fan—at least I think it was WWE, since I really cannot tell the difference between the different versions of “Professional Wrestling.”

The only reason I was cognizant of the background noise on the television was because the WWE was coming from Afghanistan […]