July 2024


Whatchamacallit 116: Canadian Cultural Centre Paris Bag

I acquired this cloth shopping bag in 2018 while visiting Paris.

I was in Paris for one night – with the only objective being to visit the Canadian Cultural Centre where I could see a Kent Monkman exhibition.

The shopping bag is what I carried the exhibition catalogue home in – part of the […]

One Night in Paris for Kent Monkman

I’ve gone all in on Kent Monkman: When I noticed that he would have an exhibition at the Canadian Cultural Centre in Paris, I decided it was time for a trip to Paris. Mind you, I haven’t been to Paris in close to a decade and that I fall in to the distinct minority of […]

Ghosts In My Head

Whilst wandering the streets of Paris I was haunted by my high school French teacher.

Yes, a woman who I haven’t seen nor heard from since my last day of French class is still walking around in my head and although I suspect she has since retired, as I walked around every corner, I fully […]

French, Kissing.

I’m now in Paris for a few days—the first time I have ever spent more than 22 hours in the city.

I took the RER down from CDG to Paris; after exiting the train and going up the stairs I passed a young couple snogging in the station. A closer couple with clothing you could […]


Hea|d- or |rt- ache

I’m in Paris for one (short) night.

My train arrived at about 1, and my alarm tomorrow morning goes off at 4:30 so that I can grab a quick shower and head to the airport and to Lisbon.

Unfortunately I acquired a major headache on my way to Paris and so instead of making the […]

Put Your Hands Up; You’re Surrounded!

Despite having lived in Europe for three years and connecting at Paris CDG at least five times, I’ve never actually been to Paris.

This changed Sunday when I stepped off my flight from Leipzig and made my way to my hotel in Paris. In the heart of Paris’ Marsais. Fourth Arrondissement, corner of Rue de […]

Cleaning Up

It’s time for my annual clean-up.

Actually, the time is almost over. Sunday I fly to Paris, spend an afternoon exploring the city before flying onward to Indiana on Monday.

Before I can leave, however, I’ve had to pack up all my winter clothes and do a general cleaning. It always amazes me how much […]

Paris for a night…

Well, I’m not where I wanted to be right now.

I’m in Paris instead.

In a room whose rack rate is 450€ per night, but the tab (at whatever rate they’re actually paying) is being picked up by my friends at Air France. After my first flight had a mechanical problem, the second flight was […]

LIS-CDG-ATL-IND, in progress

Metro Warning Originally uploaded by elmada.

As I’m writing this, I’m high above the Atlantic, somewhere between Ireland and, I suspect, Iceland. I cannot tell you exactly because I’m onboard a Delta 767-300ER, which lacks individualized IFE (in-flight entertainment), thus dooming all of us to watching “The Island,” a film of dubious quality based […]