May 2024


He what??? My 1986 Elementary School Continuation Commencement Speaker

In my lifetime, I have attended a large number of graduation ceremonies, including several where I walked the stage. Many more have been to honor friends and colleagues who have completed a degree.

Out of the dozens I’ve attended, three stick out. Only one of the three was celebrating one of my accomplishments.

The third […]

On Googling the Past

Every so often I wonder what happened to various people from my past.

Thanks to Google, I can give it a go.

Earlier this year I googled one of my contemporaries from the University of Wyoming – his name had popped into my head randomly and I wondered what had become of him. Google, of […]

Vignettes from Childhood: 5

I don’t actually remember much about kindergarten, other than the fact that my teacher was Ms. Stein (probably Mrs. Or Miss, but I don’t recall – as I look back, she was of a generation that preceded the Ms. prefix). The main reason I remember her name is that she also taught my brother and […]

Do you remember a trippy movie about a boy, a witch and pancakes?

I do – it is a film I associate with wintertime, when, after eating lunch, it was too cold and/or snowing to go out on the playground.

On such days, instead of being pushed outside, and out of our teacher’s hair, we were herded into the school gym, where a screen would be set up […]

Around the ‘hood

So pretty in the winter

Some political signs are still on the lawn in my family's neighborhood.

This is the library I used as a kid!


Kids, Alike

This morning I was reading Metropolitan Diary, one of my favorite weekly columns in The New York Times.

It’s a collection of little vignettes about life in the Big Apple. People submit their stories about every day encounters and the best are published; like Overheard in NY, but more severely edited, so it’s better.

Today […]

Perk Hill

Today I took a short walk to a nearby coffee shop, Perk Hill.

The name of the coffee shop is a play on the neighborhood name, Park Hill. As coffee shops go, it is small and friendly–no overstuffed couches, no easy chairs–just tables with chairs. In other words, functional. The decaf coffee I had was […]

Park Hill Elementary

For some reason, I’ve been thinking about growing up in Denver, and my time at Park Hill Elementary School. It’s funny what my Mom and I remember. We both agree that my Kindergarten teacher was Miss Stein, who always wore hats. This is easily remembered because Miss Stein also taught my sisters and brother. We […]