June 2024


Liberalism as a threat to American Midwestern cities.

One of my friends posted a Tweet pointing to a fascinating op-ed piece, Liberalism Threatens Evansville, by Audrey Andress at the Independence Times, a blog that is “your source for news in Evansville and the surrounding area.” For those of you unfamiliar with Evansville, it is in the southwestern corner of Indiana and is the […]

Two Bakery Photos

I took both of the photos today–one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. One made me grouchy and angry, the other amused me.

The driver of this car, WE EV 37, this morning was too important and in too big a rush to park in an actual parking […]

WWJD: Christ-like Behavior

Growing up, I lived across the street from a church.

A worse neighbor I could not imagine, so it was no surprise when one of my siblings announced this Christmas eve morning, that she was looking forward to another year of the family’s annual park-up-the-street event.

It’s the family’s way of eeking out revenge on […]

Hosting Parties

It’s half past midnight and I’ve cleaned up after my party as much as I can, this late at night.

The gumbo was an all day cooking process—I started at something like 9 this morning chopping celery, onions, and garlic, before moving on to chopping sausage and chicken, and tofu bratwurst.

Once it was all […]

Hoosier Football… You can park!

I picked up one of those (American) football schedules for the Indiana University Hoosier’s upcoming season. As I went down the list I noted that IU would probably lose most of their games.

Right below the schedule it was clear that the designer was desperate for something to fill the space, so s/he listed the […]