May 2024


So… I had a birthday. And two birthday parties!

It’s hard to believe, but over a week ago I had my birthday – and I had two birthday parties.

The only picture I took related to my birthday parties: cake and pie — two amazing desserts. On the left is a cherry pie (as I recall), and on the right a fantastic chocolate […]

Frohe Weihnachten! / Happy Christmas!

Christmas Cheer!

Wow. My blog has been quiet this month – but before I get into what’s been going on, let me be the first to wish you a Merry Christmas.

Although, all things considered, I’m probably not the first person to do this – so just take my seasonal greetings in the manner […]

Hafengeburtstag Hamburg 2012: Partying like a teenager!

Borkum, German Customs Ship

This past weekend I was Nautical Adam – I popped up to Hamburg to see Mr. Letters Home and his family. Completely by chance, it happened to be the Hafengeburstag weekend.

That is, it was the harbor’s birthday – and I’m not really sure why, because it seems pretty young […]

Happy to report that I survived!

Some how I survived the week that was – albeit, barely.

And, I must confess, that I missed the birthday party.

By Friday afternoon, I was plum exhausted and made my way to find the birthday colleague, to whom I simultaneously congratulated and gave my regrets.

Since Friday was a gym day, I force myself […]

My First World Problem: This week is too busy, socially speaking

My calendar this week:

Monday: I went to the movies with a colleague. This was planned about a month and a half ago – we went to see The Help.

Tuesday: Christmas party for my department.

Wednesday: Book club meeting (discussing The Help).

Thursday: Christmas party for the group where I am physically located, but […]

I’m hosting movie night Wednesday: Office Space

Things I’ve done in preparation for hosting movie night:

Vacuumed apartment. Washed windows in living room. Dusted furniture in living room. Scrubbed bathtub (more for me), declogged drain (more for me). Scrubbed sink. Cleaned bathroom floor. Hung decorative (and awesome) potholders in kitchen, along with cute tea towel. Hung clock in kitchen (need to buy […]

Party Notes, Beverages

Here’s the beverage situation at home, with respect to my party:


Flensburger: Started with 3, 3 consumed, 0 left. Lösch-Zwerg: Started with 4, 2 consumed, 1 left. Büble Bier: Started with 3, 1 consumed, 2 left. Becks: Started with 6, 5 consumed, 1 left. Berliner Kindl Weisse (Raspberrry): Started with […]

Last Sunday: HH Fischmarkt

Rather than spend a great deal of time writing up last Sunday, it is best captured in a few photographs—with a minor explanation to lead: Hamburg is famous for its Fischmarkt—which is held either really really late Saturday night (if you are the kind of person who stays up partying all night), or really really […]


I seem to have completely tuned out the Thuringen gay scene; My apologies for those who are depending upon me for the latest updates but I haven’t been paying any attention or checking the few websites that exist for updates.

Needless to say it was a surprise when I saw a flier over the weekend […]

Eurovision Surprise

Yesterday was a great day—all of it, no part greater, though, than the evening when I met a few friends, had dinner, and watched Eurovision at home-safer for me than going to Moscow with Russia’s gay rights record this weekend: People Arrested, See Photos, and Mayor calls Pride Parades Satanic! .

Meanwhile, focusing on the […]