June 2024


Boneheaded Mistake

Wednesday I was a stupid idiot moron.

For the second time in less than a year, I managed to leave my passport on my desk, at home, instead of carrying it with me on an international trip. I realized this in Frankfurt and turned around going back home to Weimar to pick up the passport […]

A Good Surprise!

As an American living abroad I lack something that fellow citizens take for granted.

(Relatively) easy contact with the US Government is difficult: my postmen (and there are multiple ones on a daily basis) do not work for the US Postal Service, the men in blue (or green) wear badges labeled POLIZEI, and the men […]

Berlin in a Nutshell

My business in Berlin was finished in surprising short order; where I had expected an hour or more, it took 20 minutes from entrance to exit.

I had all of Friday and Saturday laying at my feet, and everything Berlin has to offer. Despite the cold weather which made walking unpleasant, I walked a lot. […]

Berlin Bound

Tomorrow morning I’ll be boarding a train to Berlin—I am headed to the big city in order to take care of some personal business that is easier taken care of right now than later.

It’s a great way to be distracted from VD.

I’m really excited about this trip—I need time in the big city—the […]


In the category of geeky places I’ve visited, I added one of the more obscure ones to my list yesterday.

It started with a childhood visit to the Four Corners—a truly man-made and obscure political point where four US states meet: Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah. It’s the only place in the States where […]

“No, you’re not.”

It was a nice gentleman telling me this. I’d realized he had a German accent and remarked upon it, although he assured me he was actually Austrian, and I had just told him that I was a moron.

Even though I am one.

Yes, I’ve had my first major self-inflicted travel disaster today: I left […]


It’s been a busy week already, and it is only… Tuesday, according to my calendar.

This morning I attended the workshop at the office, then at noon when everybody else headed to lunch, I went to my office, grabbed a few pieces of paper and headed for Weimar because if I didn?t, I would become […]

Frankfurt’s #1 Newsstand

Want to make money in Frankfurt?

Own the newsstand down the block from the US Consulate.


The US Consulate won’t let in electronics, so I had to pay the newsstand to watch my mobile for 2€.

I was glad when I was done with the Consulate. I didn’t feel safe there.

On the one […]

Consoling Consoles

Ah… Today was an interesting day.

Every single time I thought I was getting ahead, and in fact was, I would get more work. There were a couple of times I had managed to clear my desk completely of work related to the journal I manage, only to receive more work related to it 15 […]