June 2024


Whatchamacallit 173: XXX Pepper

A dear friend re-gifted me this XXX Pepper shaker as soon as the person who gave it to her left the house.

The friend’s friend cockily assumed that the friend wouldn’t mind a pepper shaker with, “Love From Amsterdam” written down the side of the shaft shaker (not visible in this photo).

What a […]

Whatchamacallit 135: #BYDTTT

The very first Kickstarter project that I backed was this, the Bring Your Dick To The Table, by Holly Wilson. I supported the project in March 2014.

With the charge that, “If all that separates us is a dick, then here is mine. Now lets get down to business,” the project was

Pledge Summary […]

Whatchamacallit 100: Cola Willies Box

It’s been awhile since I featured something penile – so, today, the 100th Whatchamacallit, I went with my Cola Willies box.

The box and its contents were a present from a friend – somebody who clearly knows that I like penile objects (and the inspiration of penile objects).

I don’t recall what they tasted […]

Whatchamacallit 74: My Stuffed Penis Pillow

I love my penis pillow – ever since I brought it back from London, it has been on my couch and is, for some of my friends, their favorite penis to snuggle with whenever visiting me.

While I cannot be 100% confident in my guess, I am pretty gosh darn sure that I bought […]

Whatchamacallit 68: My Japanese Sucker

Back in April 2015 I visited the Kanayama Shrine in Kawasaki, Japan. I was there, specifically, to visit the Festival of the Steel Phallus: かなまら祭り / Kanamara Matsuri.

I wrote about the Festival of the Steel Phallus and about the Kanayama Shrine in general.

This is one of a few objects that I brought […]

Whatchamacallit 42: Costa de Caparica Bottle Opener

The best bottle opener on the planet.

I believe it was back in early September 2012 — when I celebrated being half of my Mother’s age — that I acquired the above bottle opener.

At that point I spent a week on the beaches south of Lisbon doing exactly nothing.

Honestly, lying on […]