February 2024


Kivgiq – The Messenger Feast (Barrow, Alaska, part 2)

These dancers performed sitting down, as if in a boat. It was exceptionally beautiful.

It’s a little difficult to explain my rational for visiting Alaska in winter – and why in February.

Another amazing performance. I bet my captions get dull, quickly.

I’d go into the rational but it involves rental car pricing […]

my name was Liam – Our Broken Voice / subtlemob in Berlin

Scene of the performance.

Saturday evening I participated in a 30-minute theatre event in Berlin, where my name was Liam.

“Our Broken Voice” was a project where participants registered and then downloaded a 30-minute mp3 based on their gender and on their birthdate, creating four characters who would then converge on a public space […]

Deliverance: Two Days into a Performance Art Piece in Prenzlauer Berg

See Deliverance on the Web…

This afternoon, after work, I popped over to Prenzlauer Berg in order to see Deliverance, a performance art piece where three artists, living in 30 square meters, depend on the kindness of strangers to survive for 10 days.

When they start, they have nothing except the 30 square meters: […]

The 2012 Fête de la Musique, Berlin, at Rote Beete

June 21st is the annual music everywhere in the city party that is the Fête de la Musique – and I stopped by the Rote Beete and enjoyed the 8pm street concert featuring Mr. Pink & the Lily, with guest Kitty says blue.

The description listed the group as acoustic folk pop, Americana – I’d […]

Free Hugs!

After work today I popped by downtown Weimar in order to do some quick shopping for some needed supplies: razors, laundry detergent, dish soap, and something I cannot recall right now.

Free hugs, but no takers…

Out along Schillerstraße was this group of three young men giving away hugs—I was too shy to do […]

09 Bauhaus 90

Theater as Screen

Weimar is a city that imagines itself to be the center of culture for not just Germany, but the entire planet.

You may think that I am joking, but it’s been a decade since Weimar was the European Capital of Culture (back in 1999), and the city is still celebrating. The […]

mp3 Experiment: Berlin

Wow—despite the fact that I was in Berlin for less than 24 hours, I had a busy and fabulous time: the mp3 Experiment was lots of fun—although a bit confusing.

Here’s the thing: I accidentally cheated.

I’d already listened to the mp3 Experiment a month ago. It was after the first mp3 Experiment of the […]

Trains & Planes

OK, with a title like that, you can guess that I am travelling.

It starts with a week-long trip to the States—Pittsburgh and Washington, DC, before returning to Weimar for a week. Thanksgiving week I’ll be off visiting my family in Denver.

Today I’m off to Berlin—I prefer flying from Berlin only because I know […]

Improv Berlin!

I’ve long been a fan of Improv Everywhere, a New York City based group of creative geniuses who do performance art in unlikely public spaces.

Unfortunately since I don’t live in New York City, I’ve been unable to participate in one of their events. Sometimes, however, they travel, and much to my great surprise and […]