June 2024


Kivgiq – The Messenger Feast (Barrow, Alaska, part 2)

These dancers performed sitting down, as if in a boat. It was exceptionally beautiful.

It’s a little difficult to explain my rational for visiting Alaska in winter – and why in February.

Another amazing performance. I bet my captions get dull, quickly.

I’d go into the rational but it involves rental car pricing […]

Shetland Islands – What We Did on the Mainland

This is the Atlantic Ocean, as seen just northwest of the community of Brae. Isn’t it pretty!

When planning the trip, we sort of expected to be bored – to have time to stay in our lighthouse and read books – relaxing, if you will. And while we did some of that, we actually […]

From Aluminum Tube to London Tube in 30 Minutes.

Along my walk.

I’m in London for a short holiday – and my first day was most excellent.

Given Heathrow norms (an airport I try to avoid), I fully expected to spend an hour, if not two, clearing immigration. Instead, I went from the aluminum tube to the London Tube in about 30 minutes […]

A Short Weekend Trip to Prague

One of the “nooks” on the Charles Bridge featured this sculpture of men in agony.

Some how, between my birthday, the Berlinale, and the fact that I’ve had three nasty colds over the past four weeks, it totally escaped me that I hadn’t posted about Prague.

I was in Prague for a weekend at […]

I flew a kite today…

The air was filled with things that fly!

After a busy morning that involved lots of reading, I headed over to Templehof – once an airport, today a park.

A very cool flying bat!

It’s legacy as an airport was fitting today: I went to Templehof to fly a kite with my SA […]

CSD and tCSD Berlin, 2012

Plug Yourself In.

Saturday I headed out to watch the two Christopher Street Day parades that happen in Berlin every year – the “normal” one and the “alternative” one.

Wanting to hit up both parades meant that I had to choose strategically and that I never made it to the end party for the […]

My Winter Weekend in Cheltenham (For Five on the Fifth)

Reindeer were on display at "The Brewery" in Cheltenham, and I found the antlers fascinating.

I almost bought some of this quite pleasant, Christmassy smelling stuff, but I thought it woudl get damaged on the way back to Berlin, and it was sticky.

"The Minotaur and the Hare" sculpture has fascinated me […]

I went to WYOMING!!!!!!

The Wyoming Fruit & Veg Co. — with fireworks. Authentically Wyoming, for those in the know!

Wyoming Fishing Area – Hunting & Fishing is authentic Wyoming recreation!

Of course, this Wyoming is a city (or village) in Rhode Island.

I’ve now been to all 48 contiguous United States.


Thursday in Indianapolis

A Stuffed Burrito Sonoma at Good Morning Mama's

Moving So Fast…

Victory Field at Dusk

Hanging Lamps



Guess what this is!

Item in stationary store window…

I first posted this using Twitter and yfrog, but somebody at yfrog must have a dirty mind because it was taken off of the site almost immediately.

Therefore I’m posting it here… anybody care to guess what it is?