January 2023


#11FMB – The exhibition

Last night I headed over to see the Berlin Fotomarathon’s exhibition.

Although I could have cheated and looked at the chart indicating where the my photos were displayed, I opted to just wander and be surprised.

It was really excellent seeing all of the creative genius on display. Clearly I am not […]

My #11FMB (2011 Fotomarathon Berlin) Day

My muscles are surprisingly sore today. I hadn’t expected this after taking 24 photographs around Berlin yesterday for the Berlin Fotomarathon.

For a quick recap: the Fotomarathon is an event where you take 24 photos, in sequence, that illustrate specific themes or ideas, that all some how fit into one larger, overall motto. At the […]

Five on the Fifth: Clothes or Happy!

It’s the fifth (at least it is already the fifth here in Germany) and thus time for Five on the Fifth.

I missed the last two month–March because I was exhausted from everything going on in my personal life and professional life. I missed April because, to be honest, I lost track of time and […]

Where in the world is Adam?

Cold, Snowy, but where…

Lots of people already know, but how many people know exactly where I am in this photo?

Five on the Fifth: Reflections

It’s February and it’s the fifth, which means that not only is it my birthday, but I’m participating in Five on the Fifth. This time the theme is “reflections.”

I probably took it too literally. Enjoy!

If you want to see more, visit Five on the Fifth #20 | The State of the Nation UK.


Photos from Bloomington, Fargo, Moorhead, and Colorado

The mixer for making dough at Greek's Pizza

This is the replica Stave Church in Moorhead, Minnesota.

The stunningly beautiful and restored Hotel Donaldson, Fargo, North Dakota

At Jax, in Fort Collins, Colorado, Ritter Sport costs $3.19! I prefer paying 79 cents at the Ritter Sport store in Berlin.

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3 More Scottish Photos


Five on the Fifth: Faces

It’s December and it’s the fifth, which means I’m participating in Five on the Fifth. This time the theme is “faces.”

I really hate taking pictures of people: it’s something I rarely do, so this was a struggle. I ended up taking a couple pictures of people on the street during a bus ride home, […]

Seen Today, Leaving Home

Signs in Scotland

"Polite" looks a lot like "Police", eh?

Football Wear Leads to Strife!

Today this would be white and swinging in Berlin.

Landslides only happen at night.