May 2024


Podcasts I listen to (2022 Edition)

I’m fast approaching the three year mark of walking at least 10,000 steps every day, even on days when I travel and it is otherwise difficult.

A small celebration will occur when appropriate.

Many of my steps – I dare say close to most – have been accompanied by podcasts. Given that it’s probably […]

Current Podcast Subscriptions

Which podcast next?

While I was down in München, I had pause to look at another person’s list of podcasts—which he said was a bit embarrassing because I could learn a lot about him through his list.

I immediately knew what he meant—but I’ve decided to be brave and list everything that I subscribe […]

Multicasting Overload

I have to admit it: I’m addicted to the Internet—and the current version is even better than the one that I first started exploring back in the mid 1990s.

My first web browser, for the record, was Netscape. If you remember the version with the throbbing N, that’s the first one I ever used.

Today […]

Let’s Get Moist!

No Ego Here, Just Books.

Today is Canada Day, so to my Canuck Friends, and almost-Canuck Friends, let me wish you the very best.

Although I am from the States, I have to confess that I really like Canada. It wasn’t one of the listed options on my vacation suggestions post, but I have […]

Meta Blogging

I realize most of you are probably happy that I haven’t had a “meta” blog entry in awhile.

Alas, it’s time for another one because I’ve done a few things today that might otherwise escape your attention:

Sound Choices: I’ve posted a listing of all the podcasts and vidcasts that I am currently subscribed to […]


As seen on the HBO Bill Maher Website (I added the bold):

Now you can listen to Bill and his roundtable guests whenever and wherever you want — with exclusive audio podcasts of Real Time with Bill Maher, available through iTunes®.

We are very sorry. At this time full episodes are only available for podcasts […]

Willing Warrior

Warning: This is not meant to be an attack, rather it is constructive criticism, which could (and probably will) be interpreted as an attack by the focus of my critique.

For those of you who carefully pay attention to my sidebar (population: zero), you may have noticed that I’ve added WillingWarrior to my listing, along […]

Soy Candles

As previously noted, I’ve taken up listening to Podcasts—and my favorite, hands down, is Yeast Radio, with Madge Weinstein—the 56 year old bloated lesbian and breast cancer survivor. She lives in Chicago and is quite the woman.

Taking up second place currently is Twinkleboi, a 21 year old boi in Cambridge, United Kingdom. I cannot […]

Podcast Update

So what’s on my iPod today?

Well, it’s time for my Podcast update? This is what I am listening to, in order of personal listening priority:

Feast of Fools: Fausto Fernós and his boyfriend Marc do a fantastic show, with an incredible range of content. Fausto has an ability to take the mundane and make […]

Odd Humor

I was listening to last week’s “Eat This Hot Show” when they discussed the use of humor.

I laughed out loud when Madge Weinstein talked about her experiences in a hospital. Apparently the hospital played a lullaby over the public addressing system whenever a baby was born. Madge, like I would, found this annoying and […]