July 2024


Visiting Gdańsk

May is a month with many legal holidays.

Combining the first one, May 1st, with the last weekend in April, plus taking Monday off, I headed to Gdańsk in Poland. I was sold on Gdańsk because it’s home to the Fahrenheit Memorial. Naturally, it became my first stop, providing me a place in the […]

Photo Surprise

Guess what makes the photo below special.

These are in Poland.

Can’t guess?

Quite often it is the most frequently viewed photo in my Flickr stream-and I don’t think it’s especially good, but if you do a Yahoo! Image Search for “apartment”, it’s the 10th recommended photo, after the recent images.



Photo Friday: Private

A private place to worship.

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Sticker Shock

Karstadt Skylight

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Saturday I’m having a party at my place here in Weimar—a Mexican Fiesta themed dinner, complete with all the appropriate fixin’s.

Unfortunately, said fixin’s aren’t cheap.

I bought refried beans, tortillas, taco shells, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, and more—a huge amount of food, for there are going to […]

Spending Złotych

Miejski dom Kultury

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So my biggest problem in Poland was spending money.

As noted in Breaking the Law, I crossed from Poland into Germany the first time looking for dinner—this was symbolic of my biggest problem in Poland: Spending Money.

After my hotel bill was paid, I had 280 […]

Breaking the Law

The point of my weekend adventure was to add another country to my list—especially since this one is fairly close to my home in Weimar: Poland. As I outlined in “Weekend Roundup” yesterday, I walked across the border into Poland. Please see the extended entry to see how I chose my destination in Germany and […]

Weekend Roundup

Steam Engine

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I’m home from my journey.

However I need time to write up the trip and talk about everything I saw (it will probably be spread out across several days). I also need to upload my pictures to Flickr.

The picture attached to this entry was a lucky […]

Poland and More

Today I met four nice people who were visiting from Poland, and one of them suggested that I visit Poland–which considering how close it is to where I live, is entirely a reasonable suggestion. They’re from Gdansk which isn’t as easy to get to, but might be a better choice than some of the larger […]