May 2024


On Policing In America.

Twenty-Sixteen is turning out to be a pretty hideous year on a number of fronts – it would be impossible to list all of the bad events – Orlando. Brussels. Paris. Dallas. The seemingly endless list of black people killed by the police – or just arrested due to their skin color.

The only times […]

Thanks for stopping the kissing

Dear Principal Bell,

I just heard the fantastic news that a teacher at your school called the police after witnessing two 12 year olds kiss on the playground.

I think this is fantastic! Nothing like embarrassing two children by calling the cops. It’s unfortunate that the cops didn’t arrest the kids and toss them in […]

A Good Surprise!

As an American living abroad I lack something that fellow citizens take for granted.

(Relatively) easy contact with the US Government is difficult: my postmen (and there are multiple ones on a daily basis) do not work for the US Postal Service, the men in blue (or green) wear badges labeled POLIZEI, and the men […]

FBI Mistake

‘FBI fugitive’ is innocent German

Leipzig on Friday Night

I’m not the only person who thinks that the New Orleans American Bar is weird. I took No Nickname Guy to the bar last night in Leipzig—he too was stunned by the juxtaposition of the Confederate Flag with the Gay Pride flag (never mind the leather and bear pride flags inside). Could somebody please […]

Silly Charges

It appears that a suspect fleeing police in Phoenix is going to face criminal charges because four people in two helicopters died when the helicopters collided.

Only in America.

Without any disrespect to the deceased, I have to say that the accident in the skies above Phoenix yesterday was a long time coming: two helicopters […]

All Hail UCLA

Dear Police Chief Ross and Acting Chancellor Abrams:

I am disappointed to learn that you have decided to have an independent investigation of the incident in your Powell Library.

Clearly the Police were correct in demanding immediate obedience from the younger more ignorant and disrespectful generation. The fact that Mr. Tabatabainejad did not immediately leave […]

Amusing Armenia

There were so many great things that I experienced in Armenia, that it’s difficult to talk about all of them in a sensible fashion. I’ve chosen to avoid my typical linear travelogues in an attempt find themes. However, this has left a lot of amusing asides out, so I thought I’d share some of the […]

Fußball und Polizei

So, Saturday was Fußball day—I headed to Jena to meet with office colleagues for the football (fine: soccer for the Americans) match between FC Rot Weiß Erfurt and FC Carl Zeiss Jena.

I was told that there would be 600 police in attendance in order to prevent any problems, and based upon my personal observation, […]

Naked Man, Broken Glass

At my hotel here in Rotterdam, a guy on my floor just went insane. I think I heard windows breaking, and when I looked out the window, I saw a naked guy buck naked in the middle of the street, surrounded by a couple of cops and a police van.

His skin was bright red, […]