July 2024


Hello Indiana’s 9th Congressional District! Who do I vote for?!

Despite my earlier ambivalence about voting in the 2012 elections, I am gung-ho and ready to participate in that thing which is American Democracy!

First up, of course, is the primary – and, this time around, there’s no question as to who will be the Democratic candidate for president. Consequently, I kind of set the […]

Reflecting on September 20th, and more importantly, coming out.

Yesterday I admitted a bit of ambivalence when it comes to the subject of gays in the military, and it’s mainly driven by the fact that, in general, I’m ambivalent about the military.

Certainly I will admit that it plays an important role in protecting the United States, even as, at the same time, I […]

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’s over: Telling Dad

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Don’t Matter No More

Today, September 20th, is actually a pretty remarkable day for the United States: no longer do gay or lesbian soldiers need to hide in the closet.

Despite my personal ambivalence on the subject (I’m not really interested in being shot nor do I want other hunky gays shot), it does please me that people can […]

I’m feelin’ a bit disenfranchised…

Anybody living in or visiting Berlin right now would surely know that today Berlin is holding an election.

The campaign season seems horribly long, but, in truth, it’s confined to a relatively short span. I believe I remember the first campaign posters going up in late July or early August. In this sense, the German […]

Briefly thinking about 9/11

It’s been 10 years since the awful events of September 11th, 2001.

I’ve pondered the event quite a bit over the last week – the news is pushed on me by mass media – and I’ve come to the conclusion that 9/11 changed the United States and the world that I know in only stupid […]

What the hell is going on in America? A Rant.

Although I’m an American, and although I actually pay taxes in the United States, I’ve tried to avoid immersing myself too far into the details of the current debacle in the United States.

Honestly, I’ve been focusing a lot of my non-work brain time on other issues so my exposure to the problem has been […]

No time to write.

I noted recently that since moving to Berlin, my life’s become busy.

So, rather than ramble on and on about crap, here are the highlights of my life, right now:

First, the weather, although warm, is much nicer today than it was yesterday. Yesterday Berlin was a humid mess and it was sticky just walking […]

Dreaming about the final frontier.

This morning, thanks to Twitter, I realized that Space Shuttle Endeavour was landing in Florida—so I took a few minutes away from work to watch the landing.

Really there are a number of things to consider: First, I could watch the landing live thanks to streaming over the Internet—live feed, straight from NASA on my […]

Where was I when I found out…

I was in bed, asleep, when I heard an SMS arrive. 5 AM.

Holy shit Osama .bin laden is dead.

I sort of fell back asleep – waking an hour later at my usual time, heading off to work, passively reading bits and pieces of news on the Internets during pauses in work.

Truthfully, while […]