June 2024


18:00 CET – at the US Post Office in Greenwich Village

Today is my last day in the States – if all goes well, in a mere 5 hours, I will be somewhere over New England on my way back to Germany.

At noon EST, 18:00 CET, we were at a US Post Office in Greenwich Village – my Sagittarius Amigo wrote seven postcards, but had […]

A Mismash of Many Things!

I’ve had a pretty busy week – Actually it’s been a fantastic week.

I can only think of two “negative” things: First, I banged my leg into a table Tuesday evening –pretty hard—it took me 2 minutes of cursing before I could move again—and it hurt enough to noticeably bother me through Friday. It’s still […]

Going Postal

As part of my preparation for moving, I headed down to the post office with two questions.

First, could I get my mail held while I was out of town; and Secondly, could I please fill out a change of address form?

The answers to these questions were: “No” and “That’s 15.20€ for six months, […]

Los Tres Gringos Gays get Culture

Despite the extremely long discussion of gay life in Guadalajara, Jay, Murph, and I did do more than look at all the hot men, drink beer, and dance all night.

We wandered around the city looking at what was within easy walking distance of the hotel, which consisted of a large number of public plazas […]

Zwiebelmarkt und Demokratie

Tomorrow is the day of my big Onion Market party—where I am serving delicious Louisiana Gumbo.

Today is the day I make the basics of gumbo—including vegetable stock.

But before I did that, I ran down to the Zwiebelmarkt because I needed to get cash from the ATM and run over to the post office […]


I recommend avoiding UPS.

1) Due to help I received from a UPS employee, I am getting bills for packages that should have been billed to the receipient. If I had done this on my own I would have been annoyed at myself, but because somebody in a UPS uniform told me to fill out […]