July 2024


What a rockin’ Thursday – Stopping by the Potsdammer Platz Papal Protest

Today was an amazingly busy day for me – and not busy with work.

I started by going to the gym at 7:45 (doing 50 minutes of cardio after lifting weights), then getting my hair cut and doing a quick load of laundry. Then, at 1, I met Tweeter @MartinWisser – had lunch and talked […]


Until I moved to Weimar, I can honestly say I never really gave graffiti a second thought beyond “Why do people have to deface public property?”

However, I’m somewhat of a pragmatist and I can remember clear as a day when I once sat next to a staunch conservative Republican in America—she had little tolerance […]

All Against H8

The Washington Monument and Pride

For the past week, save one incident, I have had the most incredible luck imaginable.

Last Saturday I lucked into Berlin’s mp3 Experiment, Pittsburgh was a far more interesting city than I could have anticipated, and I was in Washington DC for today’s march against California proposition 8, coordinated […]

Join the Impact

Saturday, November 15, at 1:30p EST / 12:30p CST / 11:30a MST / 10:30a PST, you can Join The Impact, a national protest against California Prop 8 and other anti-gay marriage initiatives.

I’ll be joining the one in DC—but there are protests all across America. You can find a local protest by checking out the […]

My sympathy is gone.

At first I was vaguely sympathetic to the protests by Islamic people who felt that the Danish political cartoons were inappropriate.

Principally I recognize that this is just a place where Western freedom of the press is just going to collide with Islamic religious fundamentalism, so I would hope that the Islamic religious fundamentalists would […]

Rainbow Flags

It’s not so common in the States, but in Europe, one cannot assume that the rainbow flag is a symbol of gay pride. Stick the Italian word “PACE” on the flag, and suddenly the flag is symbolic of the peace movement.

So when I saw a group of young adults marching down the street in […]


For the next month and a half I am living in Jena. One of the benefits of this move is the fact that I will be climbing up and down a hill on my way to the office. It should help me lose some weight and get in shape again. I can already feel it […]

Labored Labor Day

It’s Labor Day… and I labored.

On the way home I had fun at the post office… problems shipping, and then bought a ream of paper… which made me decide to come home instead of hanging out. Paper is heavy.

Saw protest… probably welfare protest, but since I don’t speak the language, I have no […]

Performance Art

Nasty. (NSFW) via fark (And the Forest Saving Web Site they support!)