May 2024


Mid-January Rants on #fb #bvg #sbahnberlin #porn and wellness

I feel a bunch of rants coming on – so in no particular order:

First: On Facebook I hate people who send out blanket invitations to every event they’re hosting or interested in. News Flash: I don’t feel special – or actually “invited” – when all 1,000 of your friends are invited. Actually, come to […]

It’s time to change dentists.

When it comes to things like the dentist, inertia is my dentist’s best friend.

The fact is that my dental practice here in Berlin is overpriced and incredibly stylish. Stylish to the point that while there I always feel a bit out of place because I don’t wear the finest brand name clothing in the […]

Eight Notes for Berlin Bicyclists

1: If you are riding your bicycle on the sidewalk and there is a bicycle lane in the street, get your goddamned bicycle in the goddamned street.

2: If you are riding your bicycle on the street and the light is red, STOP. Do not think that because you are on a wobbling machine that […]

Dublin Rant .Expanded

Some of you might have noticed in my last substantive blog entry that I was a bit upset. This was to be expected after my series of misfortunes in Dublin-the only bad thing that happened that didn’t directly happen to me was the dog getting hit.

Anyhow, after my glasses got scratched, I basically stopped […]

06.09.05 / Rant

Ok, sorry, but today is a rant because I have a few things to complain about, each worse than the other in some way. In sequential order:

First: I took the bus from Cork to Dublin. Due to competition, the ride cost 7€. The train would have cost me 55€, so the bus was a […]