June 2024


Watching what YouTube tells me to watch: Mormon Missionary Call Videos

A couple months ago, YouTube started recommending to me that I watch Mormon Missionary Surprise videos. For a week or two, I was addicted.

Basically, the genre works like this: some kid (and by kid, I mean guy aged 18 or girl aged 19), has received their letter from the Church of Jesus Christ of […]

Kanayama Shrine – the local penis-venerating shrine of my choice in Japan

I’m spending tonight in Kawasaki, Japan – which means that I’ve skipped the South Korean part of my trip. That will be addressed later.

The reason I am here is that tomorrow morning – Easter in the Christian world – Kawasaki will be hosting Kanamara Matsuri – the festival of the steel phallus.

Yes, that […]

Visiting the Itsukushima Shrine

Posing before the famous gate.

In addition to the obvious attraction, Hiroshima is also well known for the Itsukushima Shrine, a Shinto shrine with a floating gate on the nearby island of Miyajima. Reportedly it is one of the three most beautiful sites in Japan.

The Itsukushima Shrine gate.

I popped over there […]

What a sense of relief that Obama was reelected…

Thanks to a vacation policy that I don’t quite understand, back at the end of September I was granted an extra day off this year, which I immediately applied toward taking today off.

As the election progressed, I came to realize that I would either be very happy or very depressed today, and in either […]

I’m Thankfully Unburdened

The older I get, the more I realize that I have somehow, luckily, escaped having a huge albatross strung around my neck.

The albatross otherwise known as religion.

On some level, I’ve had a miniscule wish for it – I remember after reading the Little House in the Big Woods (and the rest of the […]

This is good Friday, timing wise.

Most of the time, I’m indifferent to religious holidays.

This time, the timing actually perfect: somebody charitably shared a cold with me and I need the time off to recover. The cold first made itself known to me late Monday night, walloped me Tuesday (enough that I stayed home and slept 90% of the day), […]

What a rockin’ Thursday – Stopping by the Potsdammer Platz Papal Protest

Today was an amazingly busy day for me – and not busy with work.

I started by going to the gym at 7:45 (doing 50 minutes of cardio after lifting weights), then getting my hair cut and doing a quick load of laundry. Then, at 1, I met Tweeter @MartinWisser – had lunch and talked […]

So I am proud of the fact that I pay taxes in Germany, save for one thing….

Feststellung der Zugehörigkeit zu einer öffentlich-rechtlichen Religionsgemeinschaft

Sehr geehrter Herr Adam

durch die steuererhebende Stelle des Finanzamts sind wir informiert worden, dass keine ausreichenden Information über Ihre Zugehörigkeit zu einer der Kirchen vorliegen, die auf der Grundlage der Bestimmung des Grundgesetzes zur Steuerhebung berechtig sind.

So, in today’s mail I got a letter – the […]

Where we are, 12 years after Matthew Shepard.

University of Wyoming

It seems like the briefest of brief moments.

In reality, 12 long years since Matthew Shepard was murdered on the outskirts of Laramie, Wyoming, have passed.

It’s reached the point where young gay men might never have heard his name, or if they have heard his name, they lack the context […]

My Religion is sane. That other one is…

Before I get started, let me be painfully clear about a couple of things:

I am an atheist, and like many atheists I’m pretty well informed when it comes to things religious, even more so than the religious. I believe that religion has done far more harm to society than to help it, however I […]