May 2024


I’m not handy with tools, and my bathroom door is… special.

While Koko was visiting, we had dinner with Snooker in Berlin (and her plus one), when I mentioned that I needed to have my bathroom door fixed.

“The hinge seems to be coming out of the wall, and consequently the bottom of the door keeps rubbing and sticking at the bottom,” I said. “I need […]

Fix it or Forget it?

Shortly after I moved in, I realized that my doorbell is, basically, unreliable—boarding on totally broken.

On the one hand it prevents me from getting unwanted callers who don’t know me, while, on the other, it means that whenever a friend comes over they end up calling me on their mobile to tell me that […]

Washing Washing Machine

Somehow during my move, the Washing Machine was broken.

In a way, it was my worst nightmare. I put a load of laundry in the machine, put soap in, and then left the room. When I returned, 45 minutes later, I discovered that the drain in the building’s laundry room was not at the lowest […]

Men On Me

It started early last Friday morning—I got out of the shower and decided I wanted to know what the weather was like outside, so I opened my window: It was cool and crisp out; and as I looked directly down, I realized that some men were putting up scaffolding around the exterior of my building—at […]

Idiot Here.

Honestly, I feel a little bit like an idiot.

Last night I finally finished putting two and two together, coming up with the correct answer: floor wet, stays wet, therefore something’s dripping: the radiator.

Why it took me more than five minutes to figure this out is beyond me, but there I was, 7 in […]

Early Objector

I did not learn how to drive until I was at least 20 years old. It was probably more like 21—and then I made up for all the driving I didn’t do between 16 and 21, by driving more in the next three years that most people drive in their entire lives.

Soon after getting […]

Going Nowhere

I started today off being highly productive and efficient: I marched down to the Weimar Office and started work.

And then my Hausmeister called, and I packed up and headed home: the plumber was coming sometime between 10 and 12—and he did. He arrived at 10:30, looked at the leaking water meter and promptly took […]

6,500 AMD (14,44€)

Last Saturday, my Armenian Host and I took a day trip from his home town of Vanadzor to Gyumri.

Our adventure cost us 6,500 Armenia Dram, which is the equivalent of 14,21€/19.27USD. Broken down, we paid 200 Dram to get from his flat to the city center; 1,000 Dram to take the bus from Vanadzor […]

Revenge, Served Cold

In what I can only presume is some perverse form of revenge for revealing voice mail secrets on my blog, T-Com, the phone company, has managed to get its revenge.

My phone service and DSL was cut off today.

Kind of frustrating, I first started noticing problems last night at about 6:30, whilst I was […]

Everything but the kitchen sink…

Here’s an amusing thing for you to consider.

In the apartment I live in, one rents the space that includes the rooms, including a room that can be used as a kitchen. The kitchen one must buy—in my flat’s case, the kitchen was bought from the previous owner.

This is an important detail because in […]