July 2024


Two years in… it gets getting worse

It’s crazy to think that two years have gone since Trump was elected President.

The Republican Party must be proud of what they have brought to the world: a maniacal president who has nothing to do with what I always thought was the party’s core values: self-righteous Christian, backward thinking, limited taxation, anti-choice, assholes.

They’ve […]

It’s starting again…

Back in 2004 when I moved to Germany, I constantly had to explain George W. Bush and explain why it was he was (re-)elected president. Much of the time my new friends and colleagues sought to understand how such a great country (like America) could vote for such an idiot – Republican behaving badly.

In […]

Thanks to Todd Young and the other Republicans… I could not visit the Anasazi Heritage Center

The door was locked — no way to see the treasures of the Native Americans who lived in the region.

After loading up on cliff dwellings at the Ute Mountain Tribal Park and Mesa Verde National Park, today’s plan to visit the Anasazi Heritage Center was a bust.

All thanks to Todd Young, my […]

I cannot stop reading the train wrecks.

I have a confession to make: I find myself unable to stop reading three blogs.

Two of the three blogs are written by American expatriates living in Europe. I won’t specify these two, other than to say that one is somebody who appears to hate everything about where they live. Oh wait, that describes both […]

Thanks for stopping the kissing

Dear Principal Bell,

I just heard the fantastic news that a teacher at your school called the police after witnessing two 12 year olds kiss on the playground.

I think this is fantastic! Nothing like embarrassing two children by calling the cops. It’s unfortunate that the cops didn’t arrest the kids and toss them in […]

What the hell is going on in America? A Rant.

Although I’m an American, and although I actually pay taxes in the United States, I’ve tried to avoid immersing myself too far into the details of the current debacle in the United States.

Honestly, I’ve been focusing a lot of my non-work brain time on other issues so my exposure to the problem has been […]

Is the Republican Party in the US ever right about anything?

For about as long as I can remember, going back to Ronald Reagan in the early 1980s, the Republican Party in the United States has tended to espouse three core beliefs:

First, the United States has high taxes and these high taxes hurt the economy because they discourage rich people from investing in […]

I was ahead of my time back in 1990: I didn’t get my drivers license.

Back when I was 16 I didn’t really want a driving license.

During high school, I took the bus to and from school—a four-mile trip. For a year or two I took the school bus, but because it took an extra circuitous route, that involved getting up too early, so eventually I switched to taking […]

Queer(ty) Times

I’m getting more and more perturbed with the gay rights movement—at least the visible parts of it—in America.

One of the gay “news” blogs I follow, Queerty, has followed the story about South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford with some kind of strange fixation.

While I will admit that the governor is a hypocritical anti-gay idiot, […]

Another Perspective

My 10 o’clock appointment was cancelled today—so I was left twiddling my thumbs—the big project of the moment was at home, I was at the office, and so I started surfing—off to a wiki to get educated.

I learned the following:

Public school students in America have these characteristics:

30% fail to graduate […]