June 2024


Paw Sox Grand Slam, September 3, 2011

One swing, four runs, grand slam.

The State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, in a nutshell.

Greenwich Cove

Yes, I fully intend on saying everything there is to say about Rhode Island in one lousy blog post.

Just kidding.

I spent three nights in Rhode Island and it’d be impossible for me to tell you everything that I did – honestly, there’s a lot more to Rhode Island than I […]

I’m really happy with Continental Airlines (or United, if you must)

I’m back in Berlin – safe, sound, and impressed after flying Continental Airlines (being pedantic) (or United Airlines, if going by branding) for six segments. In fact, I was so impressed with the service on my flight from Newark to Indianapolis that I wrote a letter complimenting the flight attendant.

Now I’m considering writing a […]

I went to WYOMING!!!!!!

The Wyoming Fruit & Veg Co. — with fireworks. Authentically Wyoming, for those in the know!

Wyoming Fishing Area – Hunting & Fishing is authentic Wyoming recreation!

Of course, this Wyoming is a city (or village) in Rhode Island.

I’ve now been to all 48 contiguous United States.


Planning my Rhode Island Vacation: Newport suffers from my childhood memories.

I’ll soon be taking vacation and heading across the pond to my native land. While there I have a number of exciting activities planned, friends to see, and vacation to vacate.

As a part of the vacation, I’ve decided it’s high time to knock off my 48th United State, Rhode Island. It will leave me […]