May 2024


€urobridges: from Fantasy to Reality. (aka: visiting Spijkenisse)

Last week I popped over to The Netherlands to visit colleagues, tackle a few ideas, and do another one of those odd touristic things that I seem to find, in this case visit the Euro-bridges.

The 5€ facade on the Bridges of the Eurozone.

Hello 10€ Bridge!

Back when the Euro was being […]

My Dutch Impressions

Nobody was injured.

Best looking library award goes to…

Imagine living on a canal in Amsterdam…

Speed Skater Sven Kramer wants you to eat bread. I (heart) bread.

Rotterdam evening rush hour as seen from above


This is the story so far…

such cute dogs!

I’ve had a really great trip to Rotterdam, so far.

Thursday was a productive, albeit lonely, day at the Rotterdam Office; dinner was with some really great people and lasted late into the evening.

Friday was a bit less productive—I was sluggish getting out of bed and to the office—and at […]

Fair: Fare Inspection for All.

Everybody must prove payment, even the white furry thing…

Office Schedules

Dinner Site

When I get to my real office, I am usually the second or third person there—usually at about 8:30

Today at the Rotterdam Office, I got there at 9:15 and I was the first person there. I was also the only person there, other than the secretary who gave me a key […]

Return to Weimar

So I am back in Weimar. Glad to be home—even if it is my new home.

Unfortunately I made a mistake Saturday—not that I could have predicted it, but I had lunch at a café/restaurant that I’d never been to, and if I am not mistaken, I got food poisoning from it. I should have […]

We have winners! Ian and Jul!

Seen in Rotterdam!

Ultimately I decided upon two Photo Contest winners: Ian in Hamburg for his “clean” responses of “Christmas Tree” and “Buttplug”, and Jul for the more accurate responses of “Buttplug” and “Buttplug.”

After taking the photo, I sent a link of it to one of my Dutch friends who doesn’t live in […]

I am alive!

Some how it is Thursday afternoon—and to be honest, I’m not quite sure how it happened. Last I checked, it was Monday, I was in Hannover, and I was getting on a train to Rotterdam.

Overall I’ve had a productive week here in Rotterdam—I haven’t made enough progress on some concrete projects that need to […]

Photo Contest!

Today I found this large statue of what appears to be Santa Claus in Rotterdam. Clearly he’s holding a bell in one of his hands.

You will win a fabulous prize (I’ll mail you a congratulatory postcard from Rotterdam) if you can:

Tell me what Santa is holding up with his other hand; and Tell […]

On My Way

I’m about to leave for Hannover–my first time in the city, save for a train connection (maybe two) in the past. After Hannover, I’ll be off to Rotterdam.

The new apartment is essentially unpacked, although I do have a few issues:

I learned Saturday morning that the lowest point of the building’s laundry room is […]