December 2023


Seen Saturday at Karstadt

"Fans and air conditioners are sold out"

Extra Happy People

Pharmacy Happy Hour

Every Wednesday and Friday, from 3-6pm, 10% off at the Pharmacy!

P.S. Call this my Funny Foto Freitag entry…

Black Friday

Greetings from the 'hood!

This morning my sister and I got up early and headed out to go shopping—it’s nicknamed “Black Friday” because it’s the day that merchants in America go from losing money to making money—at least that’s what the newspapers say.

I call it Black Friday because that describes the light when […]

Sale Saturday

Yesterday in statuephilia I used a photo showing that a huge sale was going on at the store—for yes, it is sale season in Germany!

And there are some darned good sales going on—too bad I’m broke. At least when I am out shopping I don’t really feel too bad about not being able to […]

Constant Sales

Bank One Corporation 1 Bank One Plaza Chicago, IL 60670

To Whom It May Concern:

I recently visited one of your Bloomington area Bank One branches in order to make a deposit into my employers account. He was unable to complete the transaction himself because he is away on leave in Germany.

At the conclusion […]

Cleaning, Part I

Wow, I just spent an hour cleaning my basement office at the kleinschloss.

Part of the reason is because one of the homeowners is coming home tomorrow and I don’t want him to think I am too much of a slob-not that he ever came downstairs last time, but still.

The other reason is that, […]