May 2023


Moral Dilemma | Moralisches Dilemma: What Would You Do?

So Thursday morning, about 8:45, I was on my way to Café Laden, stopping first at my bank to get money out, when I passed a school here in Weimar. I had my ear-buds in and was listening to the CBC World News at 6 (9pm Eastern Time edition) podcast.

After crossing Sophiensiftsplatz, from the […]

Dangerous, Deficient Childhood.

I called Mom today.

As I often want to do, when I call her, I remind her of all the terrible things that happened to me during my childhood in Denver, trying to lay blame for everything wrong in my life at her feet.

Today was no different.

“Mom,” I started. “I can’t believe you […]

Bitten off too much?

So after the bomb that was the Superman Museum, I popped over to the National Quilt Museum, which was fantastic.

If any of you are ever near Paducah, Kentucky, I highly recommend taking the detour, forking over the $8, and exploring the museum. It’s incredible. There must have been 100 large quilts on display covering […]

Nostalgia, in brief.

Posting the picture of myself when I had my “dragon” tooth has caused me to think a lot about my time growing up.

As sort of childhood nostalgia, if you will, even though my time at Park Hill Elementary School was pretty awful—save for my kindergarten, first, third, fifth, and sixth grade teachers. The other […]

Innocence Shattered

There comes a point in everyone’s upbringing when they realize some truths about the world around them—and that often these truths are rather unpleasant.

The first time I can remember this happening to me was back at Park Hill Elementary School in Denver, Colorado. As is with traditional with American elementary education, it was a […]

Last Sibling

One of the bad things about being the fourth child in a family with four children (or for that matter, any child but the first child), is the fact that the path you walk is not a new path.

In elementary school, I had the same kindergarten teacher and third grade teacher as at least […]

Middle School

When I first started thinking about what I was going to write next, it was going to be a light and fluffy piece about my new pair of shoes – instead, I suddenly had a flashback to 8th grade and decided to write about it instead.

It came to mind because this past week Hill […]

I’ll be home…

So tonight I went to the holiday concert for Bachelor, Jackson Creek, and Tri-North Middle Schools, plus the Bloomington High School South and Bloomington High School North Orchestras (wholly combined at some points).

It was one of the most disturbing things I have seen in a long time, and that includes watching “War of the […]

Life Update

Ah, sorry about the silence for the past few days, but I wanted to let the bad teachers post stay at the top for a bit of extra time. After thinking about it for a little while, I wonder if the bad eight-grade social studies teacher was actually named Mrs. Stephenson not Mrs. Stephens. Either […]

Bad Teachers

My last post spurred me to start thinking about some of the bad teachers I had while in the Denver Public Schools.

But before I do, I want to make a quick clarification for people unfamiliar with me who might stumble upon my blog at a later date and take this out of context: While […]