February 2024


Whatchamacallit 64: Statue of Nessie

Back in 2013, after visiting the Shetland Islands, we headed to Inverness.

Our first stop, Loch Ness, to see the Loch Ness Monster. We ended up lunching at The Dores Inn before wandering around and visiting Steve Feltham, the Nessie Hunter.

Amazingly, I actually saw Nessie that day – through my camera. Unfortunately, I […]

Scotland – Dundee and its environs.

Smallest legal distillery in Scotland.

After leaving the Scottish Highlands – less the crap posted at the post office, we headed south toward Dundee – our first stop being Pitlochry, home of Scotland’s smallest (legal) distillery.

This was actually our second distillery of the trip, the first being a gigantic factory-esque facility in Muir […]

Scotland – Inverness and the Highlands

It was with much sadness that we left the Shetland Islands.

In retrospect, if I had a do-over, I would keep the two nights on Unst, but extended the time in the lighthouse by at least two more nights.

This is where we had a picnic.

Or, to put it succinctly, I would have […]

Shetland Islands – What We Did on the Mainland

This is the Atlantic Ocean, as seen just northwest of the community of Brae. Isn’t it pretty!

When planning the trip, we sort of expected to be bored – to have time to stay in our lighthouse and read books – relaxing, if you will. And while we did some of that, we actually […]

Shetland Islands – Our Accommodation on the Mainland: Eshaness Lighthouse

The Eshaness Lighthouse was my home for four nights. Next time I’ll make it a week.

Back when we started planning our trip to the Shetland Islands in earnest last summer, the Shetland Islands was not really on our radar – until I picked up the Lonely Planet book for Scotland and read that […]

Shetland Islands – Unst

Welcome to Unst

Now that I’ve left the Shetland Islands, I have better Internet access, although, honestly, it was fine at our first port-of-call, Baltasound. I was just too busy to take the time to write anything – other than postcards.

Baltasound is a community on the island of Unst, the northern most occupied […]

Shetland Islands, First Day

Look, it’s a real Shetland Pony, in the Shetland Islands! Wow!

After checking in, we had a couple hours to spare; ended up visiting the beach.



Exhausted in Edinburgh

Our last day in Edinburgh and we revisited an old friend (the castle), had tea at the Elephant House, and do some wandering in new parts of town. It was great seeing the 1:00 cannon, visiting the Honours of Scotland, and drinking tea where JK Rowling worked.

Everyday day (except Sunday), the 1:00 cannon […]

Scotland, Visiting Edinburgh and Glasgow

I’m just a couple days into a serious vacation – nothing I could get away with calling a “long weekend,” but an honest to go, using vacation days, vacation.

I won’t be back in Berlin for a while – instead I’m in Scotland with a friend. Our adventure starts with a few days in Edinburgh […]

Nothing like differences between what you’re told to do in German and in English…

Today I picked up a new pair of shoes and was given a free can of G-Wax that I could use to waterproof my new shoes.

I read the instructions on the bottom of the tin:

Anwendung: Sparsam mit den Fingern oder einem Tuch auftragen.

Basically, I’m supposed to sparingly apply it with […]