May 2024


I forgot my username. Or maybe it was my password.

Currently I must remember my username and passwords to 14 mission critical websites – and I am going bonkers.

Remember, by the way that those are only 14 mission critical websites, never mind the second-tier stuff that I a wee-bit less often – so all told, it wouldn’t surprise me if I didn’t have something […]

A Message From Transport Canada

Consistent with Zurika, the terrorists have already won.

Why Why Zee…

…he was saying to me—“Why, Why, Zee?”

Well, yes, I am safely in Toronto—not without a few minor misadventures: 30 minutes to pass through passport control at Schiphol. Getting stuck behind a dimwitted girl who had a cigarette lighter shaped like a bullet at security (She wasn’t surprised when it was taken away). Not finding […]

Silly German Politics

I’m in Regensburg for the Regensbloggers‘ Apartment Warming Party.

While my hosts are busy setting up, I am exploring Regensburg—I’ve never been here before and I have to confess, it’s a charming city. I can immediately see why its popular with tourists from both abroad and Germany.

The Regensburg Dom is a beautiful structure that […]

A Good Surprise!

As an American living abroad I lack something that fellow citizens take for granted.

(Relatively) easy contact with the US Government is difficult: my postmen (and there are multiple ones on a daily basis) do not work for the US Postal Service, the men in blue (or green) wear badges labeled POLIZEI, and the men […]

On the Pond’s West Side

I am in Detroit, and I am happy to report I have been fully inspected.

This morning, at the first security checkpoint in Frankfurt, I learned that my Timberland Boots contain just enough metal to set off the metal detector. Having learned my lesson, I took off my boots at the second checkpoint, only to […]

On the Road Again…

And this time it’s personal, although I will be working one or two days on projects whilst visiting the family in Colorado.

There’s something magical about flying—I adore the feeling of getting on the plane, stowing my luggage and then relaxing for a couple of hours: reading The Economist, listening to some podcasts, and taking […]

Bad Week Ahead

I can already tell that this is going to be a rough week in America: I woke at 1:30 and couldn’t get back to sleep until after 3:30.


The first part of my trip to America was not that great. I got up a bit earlier than planned in Frankfurt, got cleaned up and […]

The Zahnpasta Challenge

The only thing better than real security is false security—and since 2001 no organization has been better at providing false security than the US’s TSA: the Transportation Security Administration.

Predictably the TSA is reacts to situations. Someone tries to blow-up a plane using a bomb in a shoe? The response: make everybody take off their […]

Schwul or Russian

So last night I went out clubbing in Erfurt, a 20ish minute train ride west of Weimar.

The goal was to visit the schwul club, but instead I found Russians.

According to the Gay Thüringen web site, Test-It is the party location for gays, lesbians, and the curious in Erfurt-and it opens up once a […]