July 2024


Whatchamacallit 65: Doosan Professional Baseball Club Towel

In early April 2014 I visited Seoul, a city that I can easily imagine living in. I’ve actually visited the city twice.

I’ve told any number of people that if you told me today that I would have to move to South Korea tomorrow that I would say, “Wow – that will be challenging […]

Not to forget Seoul…

The pond out front of the National Museum of Korea.

It’s not that I forgot to blog about Seoul, it’s that I ran out of time and there were other, more pressing things.

That said, Seoul is a city I could imagine myself living in. It’s clean, interesting, full of friendly people, and easy […]

Last Day in Seoul: the DMZ

Me and the South Korean Guard – I’m standing in North Korea

The last stop in Seoul for me was the DMZ – the space between North and South Korea where tensions are highest.

Except for me, the tension did not seem that great.

I took a tour from the “Service Club” – www.tourdmz.com […]

More Seoul: Monday’s adventures!

Changing of the Guard ceremony at Gyeongbokgung.

After Sunday’s excellent adventures, I was looking forward to my Monday in Seoul – the plan called for me to meet my tour guides at 1pm at the Gyeongbokgung metro station – this left me a few hours to kill in the morning.

Which I did by […]

Seoul Sunday: Bears, Trees, & Dinner

View from my hotel room in Seoul — third floor of the Hotel Manu. I would stay at Hotel Manu again.

My trip from Berlin to Seoul was long – and while none of the travel, in and of itself, was stressful, by the time I got to Seoul Saturday evening, I was completely […]

Dinner: 5,000₩ / 3.45€ / US$4.75

I want to tell you everything about my trip to Seoul – lots to tell, but I haven’t had time and, to be honest, the internet connection at my hotel (in one of the world’s most well connected countries) is a bit dodgy.

So you must wait.

However I wanted to share picture of my […]