May 2024


It’s the 2010 Berlin Hustlaball Weekend!

And I’m not going.

Too poor this month.

Hustlaball (NSFW)

Remember Charles Keating?

Perversion for Profit

Part 1 and then Part 2

Learning the Hard Way…

Last spring, when I moved into my new apartment, the previous tenant gave me my two sets of keys—one I immediately attached to my personal key ring, the other I kept on his provided lanyard-style key-chain.

Personally I dislike the around lanyard key chains—but all the cool kids like to wear their keys like necklaces, […]

HH: Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg on Friday

This past weekend I made my way to Hamburg—the first German city I’d ever visited.

First off, I did not puke this time. I didn’t even get drunk.

Consequently, I enjoyed the city much more, and, quite frankly, I was in a far better position as a (dare I use the word) middle aged guy […]

Schleckt Kunst

I am often intimidated by the art world when confronted with artists, so it was with a fair amount of trepidation Wednesday evening when I headed to the ACC-Weimar for a lecture by Ondrej Brody, a self-proclaimed “neo-Dadaist” Czech “artist” with No Nickname Guy and Chica.

He’s partners with (presumably in a platonic fashion) Rio-based […]

Friday Night…

Gosh, I had these plans to write something longwinded about podcasting tonight, but, quite frankly, time escaped me.

I got into long conversations with Professor Rex and MT, and just as that was winding down, a thin 19 year old in a city near, but not that near, to Weimar started sending me messages on […]

Queer Learning

I was looking through profiles of people living in Budapest on one of the gay chat services, when I stumbled across this line:

For locals, we offer English lessons at very reasonable rates. We are both professional English teachers. We can teach you the words you need for man to man action that you would […]

Revisiting History, Part 1

As I was looking back at Jesus’ General, I thought about some of the letters I’ve written to public figures in the past few months, and immediately thought of the one I wrote in February to the various FCC Commissioners:

– – –

Dear Commissioner X,

I want to express my dismay at the fact […]